safety and effectiveness of alprostadil


ive been prescribed alprostadil injections and have used them once or twice with decent effectiveness. however, i feel that in the condition were in, its sort of dangerous to have a needle inside of your penis. i think that i could be causing long term damage that im not capable of repairing with this. the injection isnt very painful but i feel that if blood is flowing as it should be, the tissue will not heal properly. im thinking about not using this stuff anymore. the last thing i need is peyronies


I have been using 20mcg of Caverject for about a year and half no problems as of yet. Papaverine on the other hand was a nightmare to get right in the beginning.

For me personal is my digestion problems are under control viagra and cialis work decently. Otherwise Caverject is the best you can get.

In terms of scars and healing I haven’t encountered any problems as long as your don’t inject more then 3 times per week, alternate injection sites and missing vital veins you should be fine.

Good luck mate.


i have been using it recently and it seems like something that will be very helpful from time to time for years. do you ever build up a tolerance?


I haven’t built a tolerance to it so to speak.

However there sometime inconsistencies in how long it lasts for etc etc. I think this ties into a lot of the issues currently discussed by various people in the forum. Examples of these factors include digestion, cortisol levels, use of antagonists of caverject itself (pseudoephrine) and levels of norepinephrine levels.

I just love having it handy as its reliable most if not all the time.


You could use Vitaros instead.


Where can you affordably get vitaros?


Enden I think it’s only available in Canada at the moment. Vitaros does look excellent though.


I have built a tolerance to levitra, and i would like to try caverject. The only time i tried it, i got a decent erection, but it was for a doppler. The problem is that it must be difficult to get a prescription for caverject being so young, and without proves of our problem.
I wonder why so few people here have tried it, since most of us have problems with cialis, levitra,etc. I’ll try to get a prescription for it.
For the people who have used it, have you had any side effects from it? Is it easy to use?


As you said, obtaining prescriptions can be difficult for a variety of reasons.

And second, I doubt many men would look forward to the thought of injecting their penis in order to obtain an erection. Not to mention, continued injections over a long time can cause penile fibrosis and scar tissue on their own, in certain cases.


I have been told its not a good idea by a Urologist who I think is one of the better ones in Canada. I did get some sort of injection for an ultrasound to erect my penis and it did not seem to fill the top 1/3.



Well this is true, and maybe i’m seeing things from a dark perpective, but i think some of us have really bad sides, and in my case, i feel like i’m managing to have a near to normal life, except in sex, and well, after one year in this situation, i would probably try this if i could.


I’m trying to use it as little as possible but I have to say the injections are the only things that’s brought my confidence back. Obviously I cant just say hold on I need to stab myself in a sexual situation but being careful, I feel this has been the only thing that really works. I’m gonna not use it for a while to avoid scarring.


I am likely going to get Alprodstadil as the PDE5s are starting to lose effectiveness (I’ve used them almost every other day the past year).

What is the cheapest pharmacy for Alprodstadil? Its so expensive. I’ve found one in the Phillipines that comes out to around $3 per dose.