Safe Multi-Vitamin?


Hey Guys, I’m posting a link below to the Nature’s Way Alive! liquid multivitamin. After browsing youtube and google, I comprised a list of percentages and vitamins/minerals to be included in a multivitamin. This multivitamin fits the description, but I want to ensure it is completely safe before adding it to my diet. I am 4 months post-use and I have crushing brain fog, derealization and a perceptual haze that lasts all day, it is constant. Please let me know if this vitamin is safe.



I wouldn’t personally take anything with mushroom extract in it. Especially Reishi mushroom extract. It sounds crazy but it is on the list of foods that block 5AR, which is how you got here.

When I was about as far in as you are, I took a multivitamin but I don’t feel that it was particularly helpful. But if you think your diet is lacking, you might like to.

The cheapest multivitamin is probably fine for that purpose - there’s no need to spend more to get complicated sounding ingredients.


Could you please send me a list of foods/supplements which block 5AR?


Also, is there a vitamin you would recommend? Theres a naturalistic doctor on youtube who suggested certain percentile ranges in a multi-vitamin. I can send you these from the video if you’re interested. I’m going to attach a link below and if you could screen this multi-vitamin for me, it would be much appreciated. I just want to know what I can take that’s safe man, that’s all. I want to feel like me again…|pcrid|97670541853|product|033984017764&pgrid=16877534893&ptaid=pla-110736794891&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtbnjBRDBARIsAO3zDl88mb606hq6jl9I1eNhpb14kTcZA42IVcZuq6ajQLKeBx5iU4CCVqkaAgO4EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds


Honestly, I’m not going to look at that because I don’t know for sure what is good and what isn’t. I am certain that a vitamin pill won’t be enough to dramatically change you for the better so don’t get caught up on it, sorry to not have better news. I wish I could say “take this, it will fix you”

I used to take a Centrum chewable. I don’t take one now and am better than I was. I think time - doing nothing - is more likely to help than a vitamin tablet. I think sitting in the sun for 20 minutes will help more than a vitamin pill.

As for the 5Ari food list, there isn’t one, I just googled everything I was going to eat. There should be a list though. We have spoken about it before here.

Here are some links to start you off:

As always, check the info as best you can and do what you think best, perhaps some trial ads error, don’t eat huge amounts of any one thing - I’ve seen people say eating a kg if spinach a day will fix them. Obviously it won’t.

Some people here will say that some things on those lists are essential parts of their diets and couldn’t be harmful. Zinc, for example, is on the list but some people here think that you should take high dose zinc supplements as they say it benefits them.


multi vitamins are trash.

incorrect vitamin forms combined with incorrect doses and bad quality.

youre better off researching the best form of vitamins you need and buying separately


Thank you Greek. How are you coming along? Are your sides more cognitive or physical?


lakehouse, if there are vitamins or a regimen you would recommend, I’m all ears brother. If you know the types and doses to use for optimal blood levels or whatever, please tell me. Any advice is appreciated


i mean generally speaking, eat your veggies and meat. don’t fall for extremist diets – carnivore, veganism etc etc. it’s just not necessary for health.

eating all sorts of green vegetables should really take care of most vitamin and nutrient intake.

but as for forms, don’t buy b12 cyanocobalamine. You are better off with methylcobalamine, but if you have a genetic disorder you are better off taking hydroxocobalamine form-- that’s universally the best one tbh.

b6 --methyl folate form

vitamin d3 form

those are the major ones i had to deal with. you are better off doing a blood panel to see your deficiencies, after you correct your diet if it needs adjustments (like more veggies). and then make sure to do research on which form is best to buy for your deficiency. or just ping me here and ill be happy to help.


When I had my bloodwork, I was 52.5 for Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy (30-100 range)
Vitamin B6 was 17.8 (5.3-46.7 range)
B12 was 437 (232-1245 range)
Folate was 9.6
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) was 11.7 (5.9-19.4 range)
Vitamin E (Gamma Tocopherol) was 0.9 (0.7-4.9 range)
DHT levels were 68 (30-85 range for adult males)
Tesosterone was 839 (264-916 range)
Free Thyroxine Index was 2.1 (1.2-4.9 range)
T3 Updtake was 26 (24-39 range)
Thyroxine, T4 was 7.9 (4.5-12.0 range)
TSH was 1.700 (.450 -4.500 range)

Those are all the major ones that I had tested. Nothing stood out besides Vitamin D, B6, and E Gamma.


As for the B12 form, I’ve raed that the methyl form is slightly more bioavailable, but there is no substantial evidence to reccomend it over the cyano- You are sure I need to be searching for this form in my B Complex? I plan on purchasing a B complex liquid, a drop that I can put into water and drink it as part of my daily regimen. I just want to be sure about the B vitamins.


For some people, taking a dietary supplement may be beneficial. But if you’re in good general health, there’s limited research evidence to suggest that taking vitamin and mineral supplements will make you healthier.

I must say vitamin D is good for health. It helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is important for bone health. Not getting enough of this vitamin can increase:

  • your likelihood of getting sick
  • your chances of bone and back pain
  • bone and hair loss

Also the Magnesium is an essential nutrient, which means that we must get it from food or supplements. Lerman notes that magnesium is best known for being important to our bone health and energy production.


It’s worth noting that vitamin d deficiency is quite common with PFS people so I think it’s reasonable to suggest that getting sun or taking vitamin d is a reasonable suggestion to aid with general health.


avoid multivitamins with saw palmetto in it (some add this ingredient in mens formula vitamins)
I agree with lakehouse that it’s much better to buy vitamins separately the ones you know you are deficient in