Safe medications to take for sleep maintenance insomnia?

Explain your insomnia symptoms…

Hydrocortisone may be beneficial in certain instances.

I can sleep for only 3.5 hours at a time then I’d be up for a few hours. There’s no anxiety whatsoever. I just wake up exhausted but wouldn’t have the sleep pressure to go back to sleep until a few hours later.

best bet might be to get a 24 hour urinary cortisol test.

You feel that high cortisol is the reason for sleeplessness??

Unlike dogs high cortisol is no friend of the insomniac.

Recently my new sleep doc who is the head of the sleep center at mt sinai nyc prescribed Lunesta. Its the first time in almost a year and a half that i have gotten more than 5 hours of uninterupted sleep in a row. And I’m able to go back to sleep when I wake. Nothing is “good” as far as drugs but I cant live without sleep … I have 2 kids, a job, wife, house, mortgage, etc… So thats what I have chosen for now. My fitbit registered my sleep rating at 92 out of a 100 last night. Went to bed around 9:30… woke up around 315am… went back to bed and basically woke to an alarm around 6:30 am. Not sure how long this will last but I appreciate it while it lasts.


has anyone tried doxepin?

thinking about stop taking HCL and trying this.

safety profile seems good from the research i did

does anyone else want to research it to see if they find anything bad?

For a more healthy approach to treating insomnia and improving sleep, try chamomile tea with some real honey.
Improve sleep hygiene (cold, dark room, hitting the sheets same time every night, sleep ritual)
Look at nature’s bounty 5mg dual spectrum melatonin.

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already do that my friend. it helps but i still barely get 3-4 hours of sleep if im lucky.

Yeah, as if anyone who suffers from chronic insomnia hasn’t already gotten the whole spiel about sleep hygiene. Sleep restriction therapy as a part of CBT-I though, that’s something I want to try eventually.

I am curious about chamomile tea. Chamomile increases StAR protein expression and steroidogenesis in leydig cells but apigenin also inhibits 5AR type 1 in mouse testes according to one study. So IDK if it’s another thing that can help some while hurting others.

There’s no magic pill. Sleeping pills are only slightly better than placebo with terrible side effects. I would stay away from them.

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Was just offering suggestions based on what helped me. Sleep for me is still very weird, and not truly restful as it was before. However, I am able to stay asleep. I don’t have children or a wife, which I imagine is a completely different ballgame.

For how long have u been sufferung mate dknighteen

This is not the case at all. Those “studies” are done with people who dont have severe insomnia possibly due to having little or no GABA production. Lunesta works great for me. Otherwise I dont sleep at all.

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Did you find your sleep improved over time. How bad was it at its worst?

Lunesta isn’t available in Australia. What other pill or pills would you recommend for my brother. He has severe insomnia. Several sleepless days throughout the work week. He can sleep on the weekends. So it must be work stress anxiety related.

He’s scared of taking pills cuz of side effects
Currently he has been prescribed zopiclone and Belsomra but hasn’t taken it.

October 23rd was when I took 1mg of Finasteride, been playing ball with PFS for about 15 months. Symptoms completely across the board, and then some.

The ability to fall and stay asleep has definitely improved, but my sleep is still very strange. When I wake up, I have a vivid picture of what I was JUST dreaming. It is like the dream isn’t imbedded deep inside my brain, It’s like I’m not falling into deep sleep, and the dream is just on the surface. I dream every single night (before PFS I would dream only occasionally), and I remember my dreams every night.

At the worst, I would get about 3-4 hours of broken sleep every night for a few months, and I was completely exhausted during the day. I am still tired during the day now, but it is better.


How much sleep you get with lunesta?

Any risk concerns for it? Any sides?


When I wake up, I have a vivid picture of what I was JUST dreaming. It is like the dream isn’t imbedded deep inside my brain, It’s like I’m not falling into deep sleep, and the dream is just on the surface.

That’s a great way of explaining it, I experience the same thing. Also I often have dreams whilst being semi-awake, which never happened before, it’s like I constantly switch between being awake and being asleep. I think all of these symptoms suggest lower general sleep quality.

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