Running makes me feel good

Long story short. I have used propecia from 1997 till 2002. It saved my hair, but it killed my libido. I stopped but libido was staying low. Also it’s harder work in the gym for less gains. I think a healthy lifestyle make that, besides the Libido that i still have a normal life. I was married for years and now divorced and have two healthy kids.

The last 3 months i started running with a 10kg vest. At first it killed me, but now no problems with a 5 km run.

I don’t know if it is placebo, but i notice a little spike in libido the day after running.
Could running give you a spike in libido the day after or is it placebo?

Running with a weighted vest seems like a good way to combine cardio and resistance training, especially if you’re going uphill. How did you get the idea?

Why it seems to help us anyone’s guess - some people here feel much worse after working out. Exercise does a lot of things in the body…

PS! Please make a member story, so we can get a sense for where you’re coming from.

I would not recommend running with a weighted vest due to it causing unnecessary stress on the joints. It can cause you to adopt a form that is not practical, and overall increase the risk of injury.


No problems at all. It’s just 10kg

You won’t notice it, but minuscule amounts of damage to the cartilage will accumulate over time, causing them to wear out faster. Professional track athletes do not use weighted vests in training. You would get the same cardio benefits from high intensity sprinting, hiking, or any of the stationary machines. For resistance training, some better devices would be a speed chute or a weighted sled.

Thanx, didn’t know that. From now on i run through the streets with a speed chute :smiley:

Speed chutes are pretty good, but weighted sleds are a lot more effective and consistent. If there is a slight wind, the direction of the chute can be easily skewed. If there is no wind though it should work just fine. Get one that is highly rated and decent quality

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