Ruined Libido after 2 weeks of Dut, having been on Fin?"

I was on fin for 6 years with always a solid libido, robust T. My hairloss sped up around year 6 and so did my seb derm, etc., so I tried Dut to really hit it hard. I freaked out a little and started having anxiety so I stopped about 5 days ago (I had only been on it for 2-3 weeks). For three days now, I can’t get fully hard, but can ejaculate…I’m super nervous the temporary switched to Dut completely fucked everything up. Are there any decent markers to check for to see?

Hi there @2weeksofDUT

Welcome to forum. As you’ve only been off 5ARIs for five days, I would give it some time to see if things change. It can take time for side effects to resolve once stopping treatment, and everyone is different. Hopefully your condition will resolve soon.

Please give it a few days and check back in to let us know how you’re doing.


Piece of advice…If your libido gets better…DONT EVEN THINK OF GOING BACK TO FIN…
You would say for now, noooo i would never do it…But most probably your libido will get better, and then your hairloss would put the pressure on you to get back to fin…DONT DO IT…
I had the exact same story as you, and after i went on fin crashed and 2 years later here we are now.

Well I never stopped taking it though while I was on Dut. So I just stopped Dut and kept fin going. Should I Stop both? I never had libido problems on Dut. Quite the opposite in fact.

It’s totally your decision, but as you can tell by the very existence of this forum, finasteride or other 5ARIs come with a risk. This forum is not for people currently on finasteride, so if and when you stop, please monitor your condition. If your symptoms persist, we’ll be here to support.

It seems just taking Dutasteride screwed things up…Jesus

My personal advice is to stop taking both drugs, immediately, and give it some time to resolve.

I just don’t see why I’d stop fin if it didn’t cause this before? Might that not flood the DHT and cause my receptors to shut off? Maybe I should take dut again to slowly taper off it…

Both finasteride and dutasteride are powerful 5AR inhibitors. They both act in the same way, so even if it doesn’t appear finasteride caused this, if you’ve experienced this kind of reaction from dutasteride, logic would suggest you’ll continue to experience it from finasteride.

I strongly suggest you stop taking finasteride immediately and do not take either drug again. Ultimately it’s your decision, but as you can see from this forum, having PFS is an incredibly painful existence.

To add to that, rule out any 5ARI from here on - saw palmetto, etc.

You are doing the exact same thing as i did…While i cant tell you if you do it differently that you wont have PFS, but at least i can tell you, that with the same setting as you, i got my PFS…
So its your choice…
I took Fin for 3 years and was hypersexual, then my scalp burning and hair loss has progressed so i took DUT in addition to Fin, then had some problems, stopped DUT und kept on Fin, then BAAAAAM…:Crash after 2,5 Months.

P.S. i Took DUT for less than 2 weeks

How long have you been crashed for you? My libido is not there like it was for years. Has anyone tried tapering off it instead of cutting cold turkey?

2 years my friend…
You cant taper Fin…Its highly unlikely (To me at least) that tapering brings anything
Dut has a very long half life…It will stay in your system long enough

So it didn’t improve after DUT was out of your system? Libido is the worst part? Also have you got your hormone levels checked?

Yep, Testosteron came back same as everybody else here in the low normal range…
Save yourself the trouble and forget about the hormones…No really just forget about it…
Hormones are not the problem in PFS…
If i were you, i would stop taking everything and hope for the best (You can pray for a deity if you believe in one)…Nothing to do but to wait and hope your symptoms will be reversed…dont be tempted to take any supplements or anything else…

I swear it only worsened when I stop. If PFS continues, I’ll eventually try taking it again…fuck it…I just had my hormones tested right before stopping and my testosterone was through the roof, and my SHBG 44. Anyways…

Most patients’ hormone levels test within range, so it’s highly unlikely a hormone test will show you anything of significance.

I’m not sure what stronger signal you need to stop taking both drugs immediately. If you want to see what a life with PFS looks like: I’m the guy with the beard.

Please, for your own health, just stop taking all 5ARIs immediately. If your symptoms resolve in a few weeks, thank the universe and go live a joyful life. Shave your head, I’m sure you’ll look fine.

I’m pretty sure if you asked every single patient on this forum if they’d prefer their hair or a life without PFS, the answer would resoundingly be the latter.

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