Rogan, Gordon, Numb Nutts Finasteride Ban?

Anyone see this latest vid from the barbell head guy? Is it just me or do none of these numb nuts know anything about PFS…What is this Gordon is talking about a ban in other countries…

I think a handful of these countries have gotten the equivalent of black box warnings, not banned. I think the mental impact of neurosteroids is pretty underestimated that in normal people and in 50-100 years, we’ll realize how fucking dumb it was to prescribe something like this for hair loss.

This guy is more informed about finasteride than most people like him (ie Kevin Mann). But I don’t really understand why anybody would want to build that much muscle. I guess women would be attracted to that quality but I wouldn’t really want a girl that is attracted to something superficial like that, but that’s just my opinion.

Like what would you even do on a date if you went out with a girl who liked you just because you had big muscles? Would you just talk about your muscle building routine, your diet, hormone science, YouTube channel? Would the girl be interested? I’m curious but way too lazy to do the work to see for myself.

He really seems to downplay the effects of pfs though is the impression I get from him…And he makes out in all these videos that Gordon is an idiot or something :roll_eyes:

The dude is a little insecure (like almost all humans) so he’s trying to score points by nitpicking two things that Gordon said that were wrong. I don’t understand 98% of what Gordon is saying, because he’s legitimately way more sophisticated, but I do understand most of what More Plates guy is saying. More Plates dude is more forward thinking than others in his bro science cohort.

I wouldn’t expect Gordon or anybody else to totally understand PFS. I sadly think it will be a while before contemporary medicine begins to properly piece it together. But he does acknowledge it can cause horrible side effects in a small number of guys which is definitely an incremental step forward. Eventually there will be a few guys that start speaking like him and we can just drown out Kevin ‘Mann’ but showing him that even smarter and more successful bros are confidently saying Kevin is very wrong. Either that or we somehow find a way to get proof that he’s a white supremacist to discredit him, but I haven’t found that other than in a screenshot so that isn’t enough.

Gordon told me and hinted here that dht returning in the brain after blocking can cause brain damage or brain trauma…Like a chemical brain trauma i believe this as others hint ( Charles Ryan) at the samething happening i also it can do this to other organs in the endocrine system such as the liver…

I’ve been piecing together my own intuitive understanding of how all this shit may work, not by reading traditional medicine sources, but learning from all random types of things.

I do think some kind of brain “trauma” is at play. It’s hard for me to put into words and I don’t really want to unless I can get some real progress in myself. But basically any type some kind of negative external event happens in your life it will leave a mark on your mind. Very often you can heal this in a variety of ways but not so important to go into this now. I think hormone / neurosteroid deprivation makes the trauma buffer way weaker, but people like us who maybe already have susceptible nervous systems for a lot of different reasons.

Every time you experience a negative emotion, the emotional connection with that memory or exp gets even stronger and I think finasteride makes that traumatic strengthening happen much more quickly.

I have some ideas about what to do, and I’m working on them now, but I don’t want to speculate about anything because it just reduces credibility without real results.