Rocket League & Rider (Simple and fun games)


Rocket League has helped me so much through this period of my life. I use to play more complex video games, but with the lack of brain power and motivation Rocket League is one of the few games I can play consistently. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game you can join and don’t need to spend to long getting good at.

Another fun game for iPhones that requires very little brain power is Rider.

If anyone has other games that are very simple to play, please share!


Good thread. Rocket league is funny. When i first crashed I was being looked after by a friend and when I could look at screens again I’d watch him play.

I used to really like overwatch but since PFS I haven’t been able to play multiplayer due to the extent of my anhedonia, which is extreme for me, so I don’t feel any desire to compete. I also have difficulty with consistent speedy processing of input and remembering lots of buttons now.

I liked these simple games recently

captain toad’s treasure tracker

A nice game in which you are toad from mario. It barely has any menus, you just get dropped in and you have to work out how to get to treasure in the 3d levels to move on. @tzinkman correctly called it charming. I have played this during insomnia quite a lot on my 3ds. O captain my captain.

nuclear throne

top down pixely shooting game. Very quick to get to grips with.

undertale (also earthbound)

These are funny, easy going and have good music. Text is in short bursts and surreal. Generally have a message of being kind and doing your best.

I want to play Dr Mario on @Greek’s recommendation but I havent got round to asking him how it works yet.


Been playing rock for years with my friends. We’re at champ level now.

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When I was still very angry and bitter about this whole situation I played a lot of Plague Inc to exterminate humanity.


I play it all the time!!


I’m playing Leagur of legends or BattleGrounds!
Sometimes overwatch.


Well one great game genre are dungeon crawlers, they are not the easiest to master but they are easy to get the grip after a few hours or so.

Lately I’ve been playing Enter the gungeon, and oh boy let me tell you, it’s fucking great. I have something close to 600 hours playing it since 2017. Shit’s really addictive. The game plays out as if the binding of isaac had a fetish for guns.

One big game that I’m waiting for is borderlands 3, coming this August!


I’ve been playing a ton of fortnite since September of 2018, and let me say although I’m not as the best player I know, I’ve gotten 2 30+ kill games in squads with my mates (I was on 13 kills I believe). It gave me so much faith in my ability to improve if I stick to something and if anyone else here plays on Europe or Asia, hit me up and we can run a few games.

Hell, maybe we could all talk on a PSN party once in a while and just shoot the shit.


Maybe we need to start a FPS PFS clan.


Did a full break of any video games for now cuz I know they were taxing on my body even before the crash. Def gonna try some games in 1-2weeks. Was years back a bit of a LeagueofLegendsPlayer(Eune/Euw)^^ if anyone needs a carry lul! :joy:
Precrash apex/realm royale/LoL^^ rocket league tried when it was still free really fun times^^


Yo except we aint gay so we play xbox


Playing chess helped me a lot as well. It helped me to forget about my situation, to cope with my mental issue and to only think about the ongoing game, I played more than 3600 games since my crash (Dec 2017), and sence I improved, I tend to play occasionally now, it was a good indicator about my improvement.


I tried to play for a year on and off and didn’t improve precrash HAHA(didn’t really try tho xD)
Just saying that improvement means a lot actually when it comes to brainhealth and whole perception of reality/given circumstances! I got friends playing LeagueofLegends who didn’t improve after 5 years of playing XD. And most of them don’t seem to improve at life aswell ;p


I have found playing SimCity 2000 (a blast from the past for me, though younger users here might have no memory of it) and Risk online to be good outlets when I am looking to occupy my brain but keen to avoid stressful / fast paced games. Risk is also good because it has a chat facility and there is a bit of a community going and you get to know people. I haven’t been playing at all recently, but there have been times when my PFS has been so bad, that the only thing I could really bring myself to do was play Risk.