Reversion of penile fibrosis (2011 study)

“…Up-regulation of NO-cGMP pathway might have a role in preventing and reversing fibrosis in the tunica albuginea and in the corpora cavernosa. Therefore, long-term and continuous treatment with available PDE5-Is might be pharmacologically effective for partly reversing the underlying alterations in the corpora that lead to ED, thus potentially curing this disorder, as opposed to the current on-demand administration of these compounds for eliciting an erection. This chronic use of PDE5-Is could prevent or reverse endothelial dysfunction and possibly inhibit the atherosclerotic process. Furthermore, therapies aimed at blocking the TGF-β signalling pathway might be effective in ameliorating or preventing tunical fibrosis. This might open the door for the emergence of treatment for PD.”


We all need to Do a proper penile ultrasound and if necessary mri.