Reversing SRD5A2 methylation by surpressing TNF-a, Nf-kb, IL-6 for long enough

First, I want to say this is just a theory.

" Because inflammatory changes have been associated with the diagnosis of BPH13 as well as increasing age,14 we investigated and found that tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α), NF-κB, and IL-6 regulate DNMT1 and subsequent methylation of the SRD5A2 promoter region. In addition, we show that SRD5A2 promoter methylation and reduced protein expression are associated closely with increasing age in both human and mouse tissues."

Lets say SSRIs/Fin led to oxidative stress and inflammation cascade in several tissues, like here:

Then that would lead to silencing of SRD5A2 in various tissues (assumption: SRD5A2 is regulated by inflammation just like in prostata tissue). Meaning, silencing of 5 alpha reductase in the brain, leading to low neurosteroids and neuroinflammation, silencing of 5 alpha reductase in other tissues.

This methylation of SRD5A2 gene promoter region in prostata tissue happens gradually as we age. It was reversed by downregulation of DNA methyltransferase 1 expression, which is regulated by TNF-a, Nf-kb and IL-6.

Maybe the cure is surpressing TNF-a, Nf-kb and IL-6 for long enough and potent enough? Silencing of SRD5A2 in aging happens gradually… Maybe by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress while avoiding all triggers (even exercise can trigger inflammation) … one could gradually demethylate SRD5A2

I’ve seen multiple stories now, doing just that… focusing on anti inflammation diet/oxidative stress relieving for long enough… sodium butyrate, keto diet, etc… also fit in that picture.

To me it seems these post drug syndromes are almost artificial aging induced by oxidative stress/inflammation + epigenetic changes + neuroinflammation.

I will now focus on downregulating TNF-a over a long time period, for that I will use diet, supplements, and peptides.


Please go into detail with what supplements, foods and peptides you are taking to accomplish this.

I am about to start BPC-157 soon.

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Thank you.

What supplements could work and lifestyle (HIIT, heavy lifting, paleo)?

@surviveplz I sadly have no time to read fully, and i don’t understand these studies that much. Its for doctors to read.
Can i at least ask, does these findings imply the issue might be tissue spesific rather than systemic?

I took 3 pills of Accutane at 16 and concerned if it did damage my development. Facial bones, height, brow ridge development, jawline etc.

We all know hormones grow and affect these features.

Can you say something from these studies about my concern? I only have sexual- prostate related symptoms. I never crashed hardly and experienced libido loss. I can still arouse when i watch porn. If i had low T i should be impotent, right?

Is there a chance that the issue might was tissue spesific damage for me all along? Maybe it only damaged my AR’s on the prostate?

Hell i also lost my perineal raphe. That thick fat tissue line between our legs going through testicles. That tissue is gone on me. Only a little line left and it is hard to feel. As well as other PFS and PAS cases. So im not sure its tissue spesific.

Sorry for chiming in with my own questions but please help me @surviveplz :pray:
Are these studies imply tissue spesific damage and changes? So that my development and bones didn’t suffer lack of Androgens and IGF-1? But only my prostate did?

Carnivore diet. This is important as all carbs and sugar trigger inflammation.

For supplements im currently taking:
Niacin (in high doses) inhibits TNF-a in total ~3g a day
Magnesium Threonate (for brain penetration) + mag glycinate (for sleep) in total ~5g a day
Omega 3
Chamomille tea + ginger (3 times a day, with lots of chamomille flowers)
Inulin or Chia seeds to promote butyrate synthesis (its anti-inflammatory in the brain)

Thymalin (10mg/day)
Ss-31 (6mg/day) (maybe in later phase)

Running moderate intensity for 30min (everything more will cause too much inflammation)

Everything I put in my body either does not cause any inflammation or is anti inflammatory… lets see where I end up in 6 months.


Sorry man, but I dont know anything about this for certain, its just some theory. I can not answer anything regarding to your concerns.

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Any update on this?

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Also interested in an update on how you’re doing @surviveplz

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Yes me too

Did not work. However I have found the root of my condition probably. Check my latest replies

Honestly I think this has more merit to it than one would think.

Did anyone ever get their TNF-α tested for example?

I would really want to do this cytokine panel but I think it’s only possible in the US sadly.

Fucking sucks living in a small socialistic country like Sweden. No way to get anything done even if you have money.