reversing shrinkage experiences


as i said i had hourglass in the right middle of the shaft, and is improved but not resolved

my corpora cavernosa (upper part) was the part mainly affected

the corpus cavernosum uretrae (lower part) was not affected, neither the glans


read upper posts, no real solutions u could try some integrators but dont expect too much, only the time is the best cure unfortunately


Has anyone experiencing a blocked and forceful ejaculation? Sometimes my pelvic floor muscles try to ejaculate more and those muscles twitch forward to ejaculate but nothing more comes out. The canal feels like a blocked road and muscles try to push the semen out. Its pretty hard to describe tthat feeling…


I don’t have that experience but I did do a lot of pelvic stretches and relaxation things a while ago which I think helped get rid of some tension there. Have you tried anything like that?


I can relate to your description. Historically you are used to more than one spasm, and you can only seem to manage one twitch. Yo’re left with your dick in your hand with no more underlying power.


Yeah and i still do them. (Pelvic floor yoga) Im on NoFap program for a month. Let’s see what happens when it ends.