Reversible side effects

If anybody can reach the full article, I would be happy to read it also.
We now know that the prostate and seminal vesicles become normal again after the treatment. Hopefully it’s the same for the penis and vas deferens. Probably not for the penis, but vas deferens seems like the kind of tissue to regenerate fast. I’m making my own study soon to find it out.


That study was funded by Merck.

Was this one also? Interesting that they don’t get a reduction of prostate with 1 mg.

Here’s some proof that whatever that changes in the penis, can reverse, if you look at the weight of the penis. They didn’t have a look at the ultrastructure of the penis, but the weight change, although not significant, will return to baseline. It’s pretty weak, though, because there were not many rats, but it’s something atleast.
You can’t find the info from the abstract, but I have the full text and it’s there.

Androgens upregulate matrix metalloproteinases in the genital tissue. Therefore, the tissue is plastic and reversal back to normal is likely in the microarhitectures of the tissues. Hopefully same goes for the penis, but no studies have been done on it yet.
… and also in the vascular tissue which the corpus cavernosum can also be seen. … 05264/full
Tunica albuginea structure becomes normal again with good T levels.This is proof from real human studies that alterations in the extracellular matrix due to androgen deprivation detected by radiological methods are reversable. Go and get your cavernosography!
Erectile functionality returns no matter how long you’re androgen levels were low.
A fine rise of penile DNA synthesis after the androgen levels normalise, marking regeneration. … cced3f09a3 The erectile function is always in motion and remodelling itself according to what you are doing.


Anything short of a real life version of John Coffey laying his hands on me would restore my erectile function.


Here’s another jackpot: – even the seeable structural long-time alterations evoked by castration are totally reversed by normalising the testosterone levels. That means penile tissue has the capability of regeneration and the cause for persistent side effects of finasteride are not to be found in this organ.

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I don’t understand any of this. Can someone make it palatable for people who aren’t molecular biologists? Ie most of us here.

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So I’m suffering through the penis shrinkage, length/girth, I noticed a change AFTER I stopped taking finasteride which was only 2 pills! 2 years later I tried it again 2017, taking 1 pill! thinking my hair was more important than side effects, though I had no idea that penile shrinkage was a result of stopping the finasteride. It feels like the more time goes on the worse these symptoms seem to be. So Fanjeera. You are saying that their is a way to REVERSE these side effects back to my natural size? Is this too good to be true? Also is starting and stopping over a 2 year gap make these symptoms worse ?


That guy was banned by a former admin of the site so he won’t be replying to you.


What if you stopped and then started back up again in a 2 year gap period. Can it be reversed back to its natural size even before I took the very first finasteride pill ??


Why was he banned? Is it all false information?


I don’t know, that admin isn’t active here anymore.


The info and studies he was sharing seemed very groundbreaking, are you familiar with the reversal of side effects? Is it true?


You should start a topic in member stories and write up your story.

There are some people who have spoken about reversal of shrinkage.

In general, many people have seen side effects subside, and or fluctuate.

I haven’t read those studies but it is my opinion, having seen my own condition vary that it is not a permanent state.

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So 2.5 years give or take, very desperate for a cure here.


Write up your story in member stories.

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No. We are done.
Spontaneous Regeneration of Nerve Fiber and Irreversibility of Corporal Smooth Muscle Fibrosis After Cavernous Nerve Crush Injury: Evidence From Serial Transmission Electron Microscopy and Intracavernous Pressure.

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@japsufferer I mean, it’s a different form of injury is it not? The study references nerves that were “crushed” whereas our form of neuropathy comes from a different mechanism. And if it’s irreversible why do some guys on here go from having no feeling in their dick to recovering full sensitivity?


Was also only done over 28 days. I’ve definitely had sensitivity fluctuate so I’m not convinced it’s a done deal.

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