Retracted Testicles


Since quitting finasteride, my testicles sometimes retract close to my body which can be quite painful at times.
Anyone else experience this problem?

Is there anything you have found that helps with this problem?

Also anything that makes it worse? e.g. drinking alchohol? eating certain foods etc?


I think it’s a common problem but varying degrees. I have them up a little higher than normal, but, no pain or anything.

I find when I go on a short stretch of curcumin, they seem to relax. I find sensitivity improves, too. It’s tough to get the right balance with curcumin though. I’ll get good improvements then I think I reach a point where improvement stops and there is a slight regression, temporarily once I stop curcumin.

I think there is a connection with high noreniphrene (not sure if I spelled that right). When I took uroxatral/alfuzosin this kept my nuts relaxed, but, I couldn’t take the sides.

I’ve actually just started to take a jarrows mixed tocotrienol yesterday. It’s a better vitamin e. I’m going to see if that improves things. I don’t think I’ve tried it since I started the methylation protocol… but, vitamin e should also help with oxidative stress.

My testicle size is normal. I am almost certain that sensitivity in my penis and testicles improves when ‘relaxed’.

Think this is an important side to solve.


Sir my testicle hang higher than normal and swelling


Go see a doctor immediately and ask for a physical check, including an ultrasound of your testicles and scrotum.
Any sign of pain/swelling can indicate an underlying complication such as epididymitis and/or testicular torsion.
Ask for a referral to a specialist for the ultrasound check.

In my case, my pain was a dull testicular ache. I found that increasing my body temperature helped by boosting thyroid function and cortisol.

I sometimes take 1 or 2 drops of lugols iodine in half a pint of water for thyroid function.
Measuring the drops carefully into a drinking glass and drink it first thing in the morning.
No more than 1 or 2 drops though.

Also I take a low dose of Ashwagandha and selenium regularly. I recommend avoiding zinc completely.

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