Retin-A safe to use for psf sufferes?

I want to use tretinoin for topical anti-acne treatment. Is it safe? Because accutane can cause sexual side effects as well but I doubt the absorption via skin will be high enough to cause any amount of substantial serum levels.

I personally use topical tretinoin; have been for 15 years. I don’t think the concentration is high enough to cause problems. I don’t think it is like finasteride where tiny amounts can have big effects. Also you already have retinoic acid naturally since it is a metabolite of vitamin A. Plus I am already fucked with zero libido so I don’t care.

Personally I wouldn’t use anything even topical also stay away from anything with azalic acid its a 5AR inhibitor, I crashed using a topical shampoo and would have never thought it would damage me as much as it has.

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Can you name the shampoo?

Regenepure DR that’s what got me here I’m really messed up from that stuff, it contains ketokonzale and saw palmetto I used it 3 times a week for 3 years worst mistake of my life.


Thanks Aaron.

In August of 2019 I had PFS but hadn’t fully realized it yet. I knew something was up with my skin though, and so I dermarolled weekly to induce collagen. Whenever I would apply retin-a after dermarolling, a few hours after, skin still open, I would feel significantly better in the days following. Not just in the skin where I dermarolled, but my hair would also have collagen return to it. In hindsight though, name a PFS symptom, it got better, I remember feeling much more emotional and euphoric feelings in response to music, etc. I remember fapping and seeing hair fall out during that time, something that does not happen in baseline PFS.

I believe this to be another example of the on-off effect that many have, where they take an anti-androgenic substance and feel better in the following days. In fact, that behavior parallels the “crash” we get after quitting our drugs, just on a much smaller level.

Iam currently using Retin-a aka tretinoin on my skin and I am quite sure that my sexual function gotten worse. The only question is if its because of that.

I was cured 90%, now Iam back to 60-70% in that state. We will see. I have acne und it seems that all medications that reduce acne are acutally 5ARs, azelaic acid, retinoids, etc. I was using adapalen (3rd generation retinoid) the enitre last 6 months and I think it decreased my baseline.

For acne, take cold showers and see what that does.

If acne does not improve then I guess your could try glycolic acid, I read a study that says it has no anti androgenic activity.

I also notice 5ars crash me, I’ve gotten worsened temporarily by deodorant and cologne.

little update:
Iam still not sure whether tretinoin has a negative effet on me. I was using it everyotherday. It is very hard to distinguish between diet, and other factors. I will now pause the treatment and see if I get back to my baseline because now I kinda have a fin dick again.

@hopeless94 any update??

I use tretinoin 0.1% and it does not affect me in any negative way.