Restoring androgen sensitivity with epigenetic modulators




You ever try his theory man?


You ever try it man?



Did anyone ever try this?


Just tried it, used Jarrows BroccoMax . Took around 400mg of it (13 pills…).

Noticed a sense of extreme calm after taking it, maybe a slightly larger penis. But overall nothing to note yet.

As @NewYorker says, the effects might come down the road.




Yep! That’s the one, we’ll see what it does long term.


Just checking in, how did this go?


Took a huge dose of pills a couple times, did not do anything for me.

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I just want to chime in that I tried this on two occasions and both resulted in intense brain fog that lasted 1-3 days. Could be coincidence but just wanted to report my experience.


Very surprised to see a PSSD patient mention restoration of genital sensation after she started taking a supplement containing feverfew for headaches. She seems to be surprised by it too:

Hello everyone,

I’m a female in my late 20s, I’ve had pssd since 17ish years old. So around 10 years. I’ve tried multiple treatments, natural and prescription (you can find some info in my previous posts if interested).
My main issue was emotional anhedonia which is better now like 85%. I reached that point through healthy lifestyle (meaning eating healthy, exercise 4-5 times a week, no drugs, cigarettes and very rarely alcohol) and therapy.
And another issue lack of sensitivity in my genitals /arousal problems/ anorgasmia . So in short I couldn’t feel my genitals and took very long to orgasm if I did.
I tried so many things for that. Nootropics helped a bit getting the mind to genital connection, but still no sensitivity. Then bupropion made everything normal but went back to not working in two days or so.
So now to the point. I ordered online butterbur + feverfew supplements because I read that it helps with headaches. It was total fail as a headache treatment because it actually gave me headaches, but! I can feel my genitals again. Sensitivity is totally back. I orgasm in no time. Now I don’t know how long this will last, so far its been four days and it’s still working. I’m amazed that this completely random supplement did this.
I am 100% certain that it’s because of it since I didn’t change anything else in my life. Now if only it didn’t give me headache everything would be perfect. But maybe my body will get used to it.
It’s quite inexpensive and I think it’s worth a try.
I got butterbur with added feverfew from NOW brand. I take one capsule a day.

I tried high doses of feverfew (several times the recommended daily dose) back in 2013 and ended up with with a dull headache as the PSSD patient describes for the duration. It seemed to do nothing to improve my symptoms though.


The mechanism of action of tribulus on AR is unknown, for sure tribulus act on AR, who knows if one the of tribulus compounds act as modulator or co-activator on AR .
People that had been recovered used tribulus. I personally told to guy that is recovered, he said that his libido was restored after multiples cycles of 4 or 5 herbs ( what he call testosterone booster )
Tribulus is amounts of theses herbs.

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You have a point. It seems to be among the substances with the highest rates of PFS patients reporting improvements.

There is one study showing an increase in AR density in the brains of rats treated with tribulus, which is a bit counter-intuitive to treating this syndrome knowing AR overexpression is involved.

Let’s not forget those who say their symptoms were worsened by tribulus.


It’d be so nice to have an idea if we are “will improve” or “will get worse” with substance X types of people. This condition can’t even decide what it likes and dislikes.


Let’s not forget those who say their symptoms were worsened by tribulus.

It is true, but interestingly the same happened to the ones with PFS that have been under TRT, some get better first, worse later and some get worse since the beginning.
But with Tribulus you can play with the dosage up, down, on, off., and you also made the point,Tribulus increase AR density in the brains, I am not sure if TRT do it too, probably not.


Spot on. Give us consistency for heavens sake! If only we could see some kind of pattern rather than polar opposites in terms of reactions to different substances we could get a better sense of what truly is going on.


What an excellent post by OP, NYscientist. You asked whether people experimented with some of these compounds. I was given a course of valporic acid for migraine, 3 years ago, I crashed after the first week. I therefore stopped it.

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Feverfew sounds like an interesting trial, especially since a number of PSSD people regained genital sensitivity and libido from it.


If you look later in the pssd forum thread, however, the original poster reported it did stop working for her eventually.

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Does that mean returning to baseline or unable to continue improving baseline?