Restoring androgen sensitivity with epigenetic modulators


The abstract brainbug posted from the EHRS conference mentions AR protein being highly over-expressed in the scalp of patients 6 months after stopping treatment with finasteride.

The studies show an association between the Pura(Pur-Alpha) protein and AR over-expression and show that AR over-expression can be reduced by increasing Pura levels via epigenetic modulators(acting on the Pura encoding gene itself?) or by introducing Pura-producing DNA into the androgen independent cells.

So, if a key component of PFS is persistent overexpression of androgen receptors, then increasing intracellular Pura levels by whatever means could possibly be a treatment option for PFS.



can you tie the over-expressed androgen receptor problem with the Italian studies findings of altereed neuroactive steroids?



Most certainly. The etiology of an overexpressed AR signal ties in perfectly with the findings of depleted neurosteroids.



So what came first the chicken or the egg? In other words has depleted neurosteroid levels lead to potential poor gene expression or an overexpressed androgen receptor?



Overexpressed AR led to depleted neurosteroid levels due to lack of induction of enzymes.



Any possibility that progesterone down regulates AR? Looks like another person is improving via lightattheend’s protocol.






my balls become smaller now.
and in 2 years i have pfs , my balss never got smaller, it was always big.
so i don’t know what the broccoprotect did to me.



very interesting and plausible theory. I will do more research on this. Panobinostat is fairly easy to get ahold of…



how could i increase the AR?



Just wondering if anyone else tried NYScientist’s protocol and had any joy with it, or is interested in it? Jonson, hope you have recovered from the adverse effects it gave you.



Hey guys,

It’s been a while and thought I owed an update. I haven’t checked the site for a while simply because I just have been feeling better to a level where I am more than satisfied and to be honest, I just forgot. Since my last long post where I went through all the changes, I have actually gotten slightly better. I would say about 60-70% of where I was pre-fin (up from 25-30% at my lowest). Erections are maybe even 80%-85% of where they were pre-fin. As mentioned before the sexual desire improved but not to the same level as physical–regardless I am very satisfied with where I am.

To answer someone’s question, the way I did it was to take one single dose of 8-12 pills at a time and then wait it out for a month to see if I noticed any effects. Then a couple months later I tried again (i went from 8 to 10 to 12 pills at a time, for a total of 3x). I didn’t feel anything right away, however I noticed that gradually over the course of the months I started to improve. The funny thing is that it has been a year since the last dose I took and I have still seen gradual improvement. One thing that may have helped is that I started to get in shape, doing a lot more cardiovascular activities and moderately heavy lifting (on a side note, squats/leg presses I noticed had a clear positive impact on libido). At this point, I am comfortable saying that I have definitely seen a real and significant measurable improvement. This is not just an “I think I feel a bit better”. I am absolutely sure I have improved.

I can never be sure that it was the BroccoProtect, but it definitely marked the start of my gradual improvement. At minimum, the takeaway is that it is very possible to recover close to fully over time. Heck, it may have just been nothing else but time passing and my body reverting back to its normal state so hopefully it brings some optimism to you guys that things can get better on their own. I am going to take another dose in the near future and will let you guys know if I see continued gains.




I just posted this under another topic. However seeing as this a topic in regards to epigenetic modulation I thought I’d post just one of the pieces of research I have found:

D’Addario, C., Di Francesco, A., Pucci, M., Finazzi Agrò, A., & Maccarrone, M. (2013). Epigenetic mechanisms and endocannabinoid signalling. FEBS Journal,280(9), 1905-1917.

• It has also been observed that THC and cannabinol can (a) activate the ERK-MAPK cascade, a crucial event for gene activation during mitosis induction, and (b) inhibit gap-junction intercellular communication, required to relieve growth suppression of cells [107].[/u]
• Altogether, these results show a new activity of eCB’s as transcriptional repressors via epigenetic mechanisms and in, in the search of drugs able to reverse methylation abnormalities, they suggest a possible exploitation of eCB signaling in human diseases where DNA methylation is downregulated.
• eCB-mediated transcription involves coordinated interactions of CB receptors with acetylases and deacetylases, methylases and demethylases. In addition, eCBs have the potential to trigger extranuclear signaling that activates several kinase cascades, which either directly modify histone tails or indirectly influence functions and/or recruitment of histone-modifying enzymes.
• Indeed, epigenetic alterations are reversible and specific interventions that target different epigenetic pathways might have a major impact on health problems, eventually providing a new avenue for innovative therapeutic approaches.

Seeing as I’ve only posted a small part, I’ll point out that stimulation of the endocannabinoid system was done with THC and CBD. 2 cannabinoids found in cannabis.

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How did you pace out the 8, 10 and 12? If you were doing it all again how would you go about it?

May give this a try. Why not…



There is truth to the lower body workout, I feel more horny and better after a lower body workout. Before, during and after the crash I have been on HRT as well as working out consistently with weight training, I am sure that has helped me to not be as bad as otherwise I would be. My HRT doctor seems to insist that I will recover in time, so I am starting to think that the only thing we can do is let our body’s recover, but these kinds of things may boost it a bit.



Thanks for the update, NYScientist. I’ve tried this a few times but haven’t really seen any results yet. I might try and up the dosage.



actually i tried it last year, i felt a lot better, and then crashed.



If I remember correctly I took a dose of 8 pills, waited for a few months, took another dose of 10 pills, waited around for a few months, then tried 12 pills. I would still do it the same just to be on the safe side. In fact, I would recommend you take just one or two pills one time first, to see if you have any negative side effects before upping the dose.



NYScientist: did you notice significant fat-loss on your abdomen during your recovery and also, have you retained some of the fat layer acquired during/after FIN use?

Do you still feel Broccoprotect is a good product?



What exactly did you take?

Sorry I have had a hard time following your thread