Resting Heart Keeps Going Up - I'm Screwed

Guys I’m getting neuro attacks and my resting heart rate is now 76 and sits around 90bpm all day. Once I get to a 100 I’m going to need medical intervention soon. The heart medication all lowers testosterone and Dr’s don’t take PFS seriously. I don’t know what to do. This is all very frightening. I just want to kill myself and end this misery. Sorry!


Did you see @Pete’s reply in your other topic? He recommended a supplement to try.

I’m sure you’ve tried a number of things but if you exercise, does that make a difference? I don’t know if that’s a bad idea if your heart is racing already, but you could try something light first, perhaps.

Could you adjust your lifestyle to boost your testosterone with diet, sun and exercise in order to balance out any heart medicine concerns?

Have you presented your case of PFS clearly and with documents to back it up? Are you aware of sensitivity to testosterone level changes that you have experienced since finding yourself here?

Hang in there.

I had yesterday a Heart rate of 81 while resting.

Today it’s 60 in rest.

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I’m so sick guys just moving around sends my heart over a 100. I used to use the exercise bike twice per day.
My symptoms improve then get worse it’s mostly heart and sleep that’s affected.

I’m afraid testosterone lowering medication will make my T permanently lower and worsen my symptoms.

Ok, so we know that exercise isn’t going to be the right option.

If your mind is racing and it reads like you might be panicking, it might be time to just stop. Perhaps you should take another trip to the cinema or listen to some calming music, a podcast or something else.

Whatever you think you’ll respond to favourably, do that.

As @smphead says, you’re going to have to just hang in there.

It’s gonna be ok.

But it’s also going to be tough going.

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Do you want to kill yourself because you risk dying? It is a little paradoxical.

Fear of being rushed into hospital and being given meds that will worsen my pfscondition. I’m also very sad how my life has turned out and am plagued by past mistakes. It feels like I have nothing to live for anymore and fixing this mess seems at least 10 years away. Given my current state that time period feels unbearable. The Dr’s are all against me and say Ive just got stress. It feels like a massive fight for help and I’m becoming physically and mentally weaker. I’m at breaking point, I doubt many would continue. There’s no hope or so it seems.

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I’m not going to compete with you for who are worse off, but I think I am one of the 5 worst cases ever, both physically and mentally. I can guarantee you that there is still a lot to do.

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At the moment I’ve been left disabled and cannot walk far or go out much as it triggers neuro attacks and I stop sleeping. I’m at home trapped with severe depression. My heart is going to need medical intervention at this rate. It’s really about what you can live with. I’m very alone and only small support that shrinks as I become worse.

I am personally considering trying antidepressants. At this point, libido and erections are my latest problem. I have the joints of my fingers and wrists completely screwed. Pain in the whole body, I can’t even remember what my face looks like or how I got dressed this morning. If I can have a better mood, welcome.

I can’t even take drugs they cause head pressure and leave me in a bad way unable to sleep. We have our own issues that are traumatic to us. It comes down to quality of life and what is worth fighting for. I had picked out dates to kill myself after Xmas. My severe depression has lifted somewhat which has happened twice before plans to end it. Obviously its easier to take your own life in a haze of depression. All my affairs are in order so there is little left to do. I’m starting to believe I’m supposed to die this way. Tragic really.

The doctors are telling me this is health anxiety I went to see the mental health crisis team yesterday and told them that I don’t want medication as my condition is incredibly frail and that those drugs were ototoxic she looked at me with two heads and says “will you at least admit that this is health anxiety” I said absolutely not she then got my mum in a room seperately and tried to convince her and my mum God love her says “what if he’s right, what if he’s telling the truth and this pill has did this damage and you’s are wrong!” so my friend I know exactly what you’re talking about being put into such an awful position where we are having to fight from every angle in an ideal world we should firstly get the compensation we deserve and treated for our injuries instead its cover up after cover up, if there’s a hell these people will have to answer for it. I’m printing out Melcangi’s new paper and bringing it into my local GP I sent it to my Urologist too, also it’s best to try and educate the one’s who are willing to learn and listen. You should purchase the Allopregnanolone to see if that will give you some sort of relief I’m praying that it does. If you ever want someone to talk too you know where to find me man keep your head up I’m here for you!


You should get a hair mineral test… arl or tei. I personally use arl… find it more consistent.

my heart rate was around 110 and had a major sodium potassium imbalance… you’re likely in extreme fast oxidation or sympathetic dominance (fight or flight)

anyway, after about a year on the minerals it came back down to 60 - 70 bpm. takes a lil time , but if u follow the program it will balance you back out… still waiting on libido, but 85 percent of the joint pain, stiffness and rapid heart rate is resolved, cfs is pretty much gone too.


I liked this post but purely because I’m a moderator here, I just want to say that I don’t know anything about Allopregnanolone so my “like” isn’t advocating a course of action.

Worth noting that hair mineral tests are pseudoscience. I’m glad that you’re feeling better and long may your recovery continue, but hair analysis isn’t something that medical science recognises and depending on which company you use you’ll be given different results. The Wikipedia page and it’s linked articles are quite damning. this isn’t a criticism of you at all, but it’s worth making people aware of the low likelihood for success and high likelihood of merely being parted from their money.

“Hair samples from two healthy teenagers were sent under assumed names to 13 commercial laboratories performing multimineral hair analysis. The reported levels of most minerals varied considerably between identical samples sent to the same laboratory and from laboratory to laboratory. The laboratories also disagreed about what was “normal” or “usual” for many of the minerals. Most reports contained computerized interpretations that were voluminous, bizarre, and potentially frightening to patients. Six laboratories recommended food supplements, but the types and amounts varied widely from report to report and from laboratory to laboratory. Literature from most of the laboratories suggested that their reports were useful in managing a wide variety of diseases and supposed nutrient imbalances. However, commercial use of hair analysis in this manner is unscientific, economically wasteful, and probably illegal.”

Right, but I’ve had about 15 of them thru the years, and the results are very consistent with my improvement as well as my degradation… when i took a break for two years in between, my magnesium calcium ratio and sodium potassium ratio got alot worse… the other core minerals have been basically the same levels for the past 8 years…

in the report they send with each test result the imbalances have pretty much nailed the symptoms… for example, when my calcium mag was out of balance they said my blood sugar was an issue, sure enough that’s been a problem… as I stayed on the supps and Cal mag came back In Range my blood sugar stabilized… I can eat carbs again without blood sugar spiking to 180… there is definitely a correlation

Same goes for the sodium potassium issue as mentioned in my prior post and all the symptoms related to that imbalance… I get tested every 4 months it’s very consistent the way these levels fall or rise gradually… I’ve never seen erratic swings…
Nobody is disputing the role vitamins or minerals play in overall health… the testing just gives a roadmap on what to take and the dosage to get maximum synergistic benefit vs taking a handful of vits and minerals and trying to get the body to figure it out…

Sidenote: it’s ironic you’re quoting Wikipedia considering there’s a recent post on this forum of how they took down the PFS wikipage because - according to the wiki moderators, its unproven… haha,

There’s nothing wrong with using Wikipedia as a source for other links, if the Wikipedia page shows its references, as it does here. As long as the sources are reputable. It’s only a bad source when there aren’t any references.

If the Wikipedia moderators principal objection to a PFS page is the lack of proof of the condition, we should be able to do something about that soon, and our survey is a big part of that. Please take part by filling it out. :slight_smile:

U need to send me an invite I think… I don’t know how to request one,

Right, but who determines who is reputable? For every “reputable” source that says mineral balancing is unproven I can find a hundred no names claiming the contrary and citing anecdotal evidence, just like me.
The same can be said as to whether PFS is psychological or physiological.

Did u read that post? It’s ridiculous how they’re trying to justify censoring PFS… makes me wonder if there’s something nefarious going on. Yea, I’ll do the survey, I thought I did one years back on this forum, granted I haven’t been active

I wouldn’t confuse “unproven” with “fraudulent”.

If you click the bar chart icon next to the search button at the top of the page it’ll take you to the survey, thanks!

With regard to who decides who is reputable, you can point to a lack of standardisation, or lack or evidence under lab conditions, etc.

I can see how this might seem ironic, given that our condition doesn’t show up in tests “your hormones are fine! Go home!” But the difference is that we are still trying to prove the condition. Hair analysis has been around and people have been paying for it for decades. There’s no new proof or justification for it coming. It’s a full formed final product.

As I said, I’m glad you’re improving, but in this instance, we need to be careful to give advice for unproven things. There are any number of supplement problems that people have had here and if the hair analysis says Do A when another analysis says do B then we could be in a bad situation.

As always, knowing what you’re getting into (as we can all agree on!) Is a better position to be in.