Research on PFS, Post-accutane Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue using Machine Learning

Dear All,

Some of you may remember my continued efforts on trying to identifying what is behind PFS. Based on posts of @tryingnottoworry and others suggesting that Chronic fatigue and PFS may have the same basis i began researching the subject. I wanted to make a post to summarise this effort that dates back to 2011 and for which i am ready to contact any interested researcher or organisation for evaluation.

I am providing below a summary on what this theory involves which i was able to present recently to EUROMENE network members (a network comprised of 22 European Universities teamed up to research Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

The summary of the theory is as follows:

a) Post-Finasteride, Post-accutane, Post-treatment Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndromes have the same biological origin, namely impaired enterohepatic functioning.

b) We have an event that disrupts / affects Liver and bile acid metabolism. This event may be a virus , a medication and even prolonged stress.

c) This hepatic disruption -along with problems in specific pathways- sets the stage for a vicious cycle of inflammation, excitotoxicity, bile acid disruption, inability to absorb fats (among others).

d) Fibroscans may reveal Hepatic Fibrosis. Total bile acids (TBA) test may reveal mild cholestasis.

e) The proposed action is identifying any underlying causes of impaired liver function (cholestasis, wilson’s disease, hemochromatosis, gallstones and many more) and then using a personalsied regimen to ameliorate oxidative stress and inflammation.

I am ready to team up with researchers to assess the validity of this theory. Please DO NOT contact me for help. The only way to move forward quickly is to scientifically evaluate all of the above

Some useful snapshots:

5 alpha reductase takes part in Bile acid metabolism (among others):

Isotretinoin case of patient with Liver fibrosis, cholestasis:

Snapshot where i discuss how Machine Learning outperformed findings of other CFS research efforts:

Paper by Maureen Hanson - Cornell University- discusses about certain metabolites found in CFS patients that are characteristic of hepatotoxicity. Have any of these being tested in PFS patients?:

There are many more “signals” that -according to this hypothesis- the Liver should be investigated more.

This is all for now, i will post more shortly.


I’ve done every test known to man and I can tell you that this is not the case, at least for me.
Plus, cherrypicking research study abstracts is what the anti-PFS folks do.