Research into propeciahelp posts

Are people aware of this article? It examined side effects reported on this Propeciahelp forum:

Research Brief: Self-Reports of a Constellation of Persistent Antiandrogenic, Estrogenic, Physical, and Psychological Effects of Finasteride Usage Among Men
Alicia A. Walf, Shan Kaurejo, Cheryl A. Frye
American Journal of Men’s Health, 10 Jan 2018

A total of 244 cases were recorded and analyzed on the discussion forum on Among these, 74 (32%) cases reported antiandrogenic affects, 43 (19%) reported estrogenic effects, 70 (30%) reported central effects, 11 (5%) reported nonspecific/severe AEs, and 31 (14%) reported AEs in all categories.


Yes, we are aware of that publication! That’s why we want people to fill out member stories, and participate in the survey. Our data and big sample size is very good.