Research Announcement: Suicides of men suffering persistent health problems following use of Finasteride


Hello everyone,

@awor and I recently met with Professor Irwig. One subject we discussed was a publication he intends to produce focusing on known suicides of patients suffering from Post-Finasteride Syndrome following use of Finasteride. While we/the PFS foundation are providing the details of known cases, it is possible you may be aware of cases that we are not. As such, I am publishing a letter from Dr Irwig explaining the purpose of his study and requirements.

If you are a relative or significant other of someone suffering persistent health problems following use of finasteride who has taken their own life, please contact Dr Irwig directly if you have not already been contacted.

If you are a patient who believes you know of a suicide case we may not be aware of, even if only by username, please send a private message to @axolotl, @awor, @Dubya_B, @Northern_Star, @Greek or @Pete and we will look into it further.

Thank you