Reporting your sides again and again

I’m repeating what has been said many times but it’s very important to report your sides to the authorities for the reasons Mitch recently pointed out.
Equally as important report new prevailing sides as they arise don’t just sit on your 1st submission. Only a few sides get reported and the data held by the authorities support this view
I’ve submitted several yellow cards to the HMRA to ensure everything I suffer from gets on the database. When something new develops another submission gets sent. I even got a Dr to send one on my behalf recently (after going in prepared and sticking the supporting documentation under the noses of each one has finally paid off) Never think of it as being a waste if time. It’s one of the most important things as sufferers that we can do. Again check out Mitches update which sets out the reasons very well.
Repeated submissions to capture everything is important. If everyone did this the numbers would climb and notice would be taken.
Additionally if we challenge the safety stance in the future we’d be in a better position if the reported numbers were a lot higher than they currently are
It’s a 5 minute job. Please do it.


Couldn’t agree more. And for those who take issue with the alleged dishonesty of submitting multiple reports, stop. Last I checked, the other sides had lied, and continues to lie.