Report - U.S. FDA Adverse Drug Reactions to Finasteride


Report - U.S. FDA Adverse Drug Reactions to Finasteride/Propecia.

View attached XLS (Microsoft Excel) file, then try searching for “Propecia”, or try “Testosterone”… many incidents of TESTOSTERONE DECREASE!!!

** Also reports of Oestrogen (Estrogen) increase, sperm motility decrease, liver function abnormalities, anxiety, depression… and of course impotence and erectile dysfunction, all symptoms we can identify with.

Also attached is a PDF of a letter from the US Department of Health & Human Services that details how the Report was obtained and includes a Legend code for the Adverse Reactions.
Letter - Dept. of Health & Human Services - Explanation and Legend for US Adverse Reactions Report.pdf (193 KB)
Report - Finasteride PROPECIA-STEPPER114817 - US Adverse Reaction data.xls (1.93 MB)


Additional reports (supposedly from the FDA): … ffects.htm … /propecia/


Have you noticed the ages of some of these sufferers? From what I have seen, many are 60-70+ years old.