Reminder just because you've recovered doesn't mean your safe (update back to baseline)

I was very nearly recovered till recently when I crashed for a second time for no apparent reason and I was nearly recovered for months so just cause you’ve improved doesn’t mean its permanent no matter how long it lasts


what your symptons?

This is why we need to figure out what is going wrong. We need to uncover the mechanisms and address the root. Enough bandaid solutions and rampant individualism.


Ahhedonia brain fog loss of sex drive very minor muscle wastage and a new symptom insomnia I didn’t notice I had muscle wastage before this crash because it improved prior to the crash

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this is exactly why we need research. even when we manage to induce recovery through time, lifestyle, supplements, whatever… it’s never surefire or permanent. we need our lives back for real. we all have to donate to the research and spread awareness. let’s get ourselves the proper scientific attention we deserve


Just a quick update I’m back to how I was before the crash even muscle wastage has reversed


Good! Thanks for updating. We hope you stay healthy


Similar experience, I feel fairly recovered after over 5 years. Not 100% my old brain is long gone but I feel good enough to enjoy life, sex is good, bulking up in gym, etc.

Started my old missed habit of smoking cigarettes and within a few days crashed again. Couldn’t enjoy anything, brain fog got real bad, felt like back to square one mentally. Luckily things got better fairly quickly took about a month.

Not sure why cigarettes are an issue as I can drink and smoke weed no problem. I think it has to do with sharp increases in dopamine.

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you had muscle loss and after a certain time you managed to gain muscle again?