Reminder: First PFSN webinars this week

I’ll be hosting the first PFS Network webinars this Thursday. There is an 8am GMT/9am CET session for the UK/EU and a 7pm Eastern session for North America.

If you are interested in hearing updates from our team, please register on our website:



You are amazing Mitch.
Your leadership is transformative.


A very good initiative! I’ve registered for the webinar.


If you registered for a webinar, we have just sent out links for the meeting via our mailing list.

If you are not subscribed to our mailing list but are registered for a webinar, please PM me for the link.

Just a reminder, if you are registered for today’s webinar in EU/UK, the invite was sent out yesterday via our mailing list. If you aren’t on our mailing list but are registered, please PM me immediately for the link.

I attended the webinar this morning. Really impressed with Mitch’s presentation. I would highly recommend attending the 2nd session at 7PM EST if you are able. Lots of valuable information and a good opportunity for Q&A.


I concur as was on it too.


How do you get the link for the 2nd session?

Received via e-mail as I registered on PFS Network. Send @Sugarhouse a PM or PM me your email and I will forward you the e-mail.


The link for US webinar seems non valid.

Anyone has the same problem?


If you have recently registered, please check your email. I’ve sent out the link to the webinar to everyone who registered privately.

Works perfect. Thank you

Thanks to everyone who joined. Hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much - I’m not quite as sharp first thing in the morning.

Appreciate all your support.


Has been an amazing presentation. I’m stunned.

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will there be a replay? i couldn’t make it.

Can you upload the replay to YouTube

The man is a magister presenting and organizing ideas and strategies.
With Mitch i’m starting to see light here.
He is the leader we needed regarding communication skills.

Just wow.


Sorry to those who didn’t make it, but we didn’t record the sessions. There is some sensitive information in the presentations about future strategy which we can’t really share publicly.

We’ll be hosting further sessions in a few months, and if there’s enough demand we can bring those forward.

Thanks again.