Remedies for anxiety?

Hi, never made a thread before, just commented.
I crashed 1 month ago from dutasteride (only 3 pills).

My main symptom is anxiety and panic attacks at night (that developed into severe insomnia). I have had an 24h ECG holter and i have SupraVentriculary ectopy due to the anxiety and some times i wake Up gaspring for Air when sleeping. (Nocturnal panic attacks). I Also deve unloped nocturnal bradycardia.

But there is something that is even worse that the illness…the remedy…i dont want to be addocted to benzos!!! I’ve dealing 1 complete month with benzos (under medicsl prescriptoon). But medics are crazy!! They are receting me these drugs like these things are vitamins (they receted me xanax, lorazepam, bromazepam and also two diferentes ssri that i didnt buy) everything 100% legal. Just noticed that im danger of drug dependency reading forums like this or reddit.

But i cant face this chemical/hormonal anxiety (i didnt have personal resdons pre-fin) without help. I need at least something, even a placebo

What natural remedies could i use once i stop these drugs?

I’ve seen these:

#######ALERT NOT SAYING THESE ARE SAFE SUPPLEMENTS (check by yourself un this forum and internet) you could worse your symptoms!!!###########################

-Vitamin c to decrease cortisol
-Fish oil (omega 3) as antidepressant
-l-theanine. For better sleep. for me sleeping normally would reduce anxiety.
-Magnesium. As l-theanine could improve sleep and reduce things like palpitations and muscle spasm…for me It would reduce anxiety.
-bacopa (anxiety)

#####№####NOT 100% safe suplements###########

As i said i didnt check if they are safe, Will check this next in this forum. Still dont known if are cases that worsened after taking those suplements

And please dont take these things just because are in the list or because somebody says Its safe or didnt harm him. You HAVE to investigate before ingerimg something under PSF condition.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

For what it’s worth, I had severe anxiety and insomnia and I tried fish oil, L-theanine, and Magnesium with no ill effects. They also did not seem to help my anxiety. I found long distance and moderate cardio to help me immensely.

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Hey henchman, thanks for replying. I always appreciate your insights and i also share your philosphy.

After a year of severe anxiety and finasteride induced sleeping problems I can say that I totally agree with you. I am in the process of editing and deleting many of my posts from the past because I have totally changed my mind as time has changed and in the past I wrote comments that made 0 sense. In fact finasteride affected my cognitive abilities so much in the beginning that I read myself and it seems like many of my posts are written by a 10 year old child.

Back on topic…I too have felt benefits with exercise (especially cardio)…and reflecting and identifying obsessive-compulsive thoughts and trying to stop them also helps. Occasionally I have tried herbal remedies and magnesium, and they have helped very slightly (but any help is welcome). One thing I would like to mention is that finasteride causes a lot of things but I also fed the anxiety, I don’t like to blame finasteride for everything. And above all time, time is the most important thing. we have to be careful to assist your body and try not to screw up your progress (although I don’t deny that it’s easy to be tempted and try things). If I compare myself to a year ago, I’m a lot calmer. At least that’s what I’ve been able to learn.

Anyway, I’m also a bit proud of myself even though I have made mistakes because even with all the anxiety I was able to discontinue the use of benzodiazepines completely.

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That’s great, I applaud your new outlook. I am in the same boat as you. Some of my early posts were born out of the situation I was in and how PFS affects you cognitively. Even now, I have the occasional dip where I feel the anxiety and paranoia return. It’s very difficult to identity and stop those thought processes as you have mentioned, even when you know they’re there. Even so, the fact you can go back and see some of your old posts as nonsense, shows improvement. You should be happy with those improvements now that you can look back and reflect.

I hope you get past your anxiety, I know how debilitating it can be. Silexan was on my short list to try next, but I was too scared as I read that lavender oil was 5ari. Just a heads up.

Ashwagandha (KSM 66) has an incredible calming influence on me - just makes me very positive

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