Relaxation of pelvic floor = Full preFinasteride erection


After a 15 month without finasteride (after 2 years of usage) I can confirm that mi recovery is real.

Some months ago i dicovered that relaxing pelvic floor my erection was easiest and stronger.

My diet now is fruits, sardines, integral rice, eggs, rye bread, L-Arginine before bed and multivitamin complex.

I am sure that this diet is favorable for recovery, but it’s not most important than pelvic floor awareness.

Finasteride causes stronger contraction of pelvic floor and now filling my lungs of air and using the diaphragm, I center myself for descontraction of this zone.

Now when i do this my erection is full 99.9% of preFinasteride (Really I can feel 1000%), and even is enough for a very active sexual life.

With all this, I noticed that my pelvic floor is less contracted and better every time more.

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what in particular do you do? I find that I can get decent erections still but I blow my load unreasonably fast, I’ve had a feeling it’s due to pelvic floor issues.


Im sure that simply i reduce the venous leak when i do that.

Try to force pelvic floor zone like defecate


Interesting thread. Yesterday i felt that my erections are full but the problem was under the penis, on pelvic floor muscles. Its not steady and firm, my penis is loose under down there. Its weird, i also believe this is the same thing which causes low, premature ejaculations and low orgasms…

Do anyone have this too? My pelvic floor muscles feels weak somehow, i even squeeze my ass muscles in order to pass a gas!

What is the correlation between all of this? Do muscles need proper hormone levels in order to function well? What we can assume? Nerve problem or something else?


I’ve noticed erections are way stronger when sitting as opposed to lying flat. Does this do something different to the pelvic floor?