Relationships between cerebrospinal fluid GABAergic neurosteroid levels and symptom severity in men with PTSD

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Interesting. How does this relate to our condition (save for the evidence that we suffer from low levels of neurosteroids such as allo)?

Not directly in any significant sense - I’ve put it in other studies as it’s simply of interest. However, it’s interesting to me in that, as PFS entails a downstream loss of this neurosteroid and PTSD overlaps with a small amount of PFS symptoms in the neurocognitive domain (including symptoms of hyperarousal), the neurosteroid depletion could mean the symptoms are mechanistically similar.

Additionally, it’s highly interesting to me that significant stress entails a sharp reduction of androgens. Given the hypothesis myself and awor are working on, and was somewhat similarly proposed by Traish (2018), this could potentially be a manifestation of the same thing within the brain via a conserved mechanism.