Relationships and sex, after PFS

Hello, guys.

My real name is Caio César, I am a 27 years-old male from São Paulo, Brazil.

As a fellow almost 3 year pfs sufferer, I’d like to make some friends and share some experiences.

I may not be an active poster, but I read almost every thread that is posted here.

I recently felt very sorry for the suicide of grey_baron: an young man, who met with a terrible fate. All for the greed of the Big Pharma.

I must admit I’m not a severe case: my main symptoms are brain fog, flat emotions, ED, penile numbness and low libido.

Even with all these symptoms, I managed to get a girlfriend (my first one) and we’ve been together for a little over one year now. She seems to be understandable about my condition (I’ve told her about finasteride) and I manage to perform poorly, but somewhat acceptable while using cialis (even if I steel feel like she doesn’t get as satisfied as she could).

I never got to have sex before PFS, as I lost my virginity at 25. Sex nowadays, doesn’t feel bonding and exciting as it should. The flattening of my emotions, also doesn’t help with the feeling of love for her and wanting to be with her.

I’m pretty sure that, if I hadn’t taken this poison, my attitude towards her would be completely different.

I wish we could share some experiences, with regards to sex and relationships after Pfs. I feel like talking to someone who has the same condition, would make me feel a little better.

Thank you guys in advance,


In similar situation. I usually rely on no fap to reduce Ed and foreplay to make up for it.

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