Relapse at month 6 : sudden impotence and eye issues

Hi guys,
I was kinda away from the forum cause I was having a rather good window the last couple of months…
Last week I began experiencing a sand like sensation in my right eye… I thought it would go away… a couple of days later I woke up with an inflamed and painful eye… That was Wednesday… Friday I went to ophthalmic ER and was diagnosed with blepharitis and was given a treatment I just took this day cause I was too scared to take it… A cream called sterdex dexamethasone and oxytetracycline… My eyes getting worse I can’t escape the the treatment and side effects could be hormone reactions… Before even starting the treatment I found myself unable to get an erection again. I can’t see what could have caused this since I only used Blephaclean wipes for eyes hygiene…
I am hopeless, all the more as I have started a new relationship and so far I was sexually ok…
This shit sucks…

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I had bleph as a kid. Damn that was crazy, but it healed up fine.
Gotta relax a bit dog

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Yeah I know mate but my fucking eyes were damn fine before that shit.

Blepharitis is usually from staph building up on the lids. Some people’s skin naturally has a higher propensity for it to grow until it causes irritation and other symptoms. It might not have anything to do with PFS.

The wipes should be okay for you to use. I looked at the ingredients and couldn’t find any 5ar inhibitors in them. I hope you feel well soon, man! I don’t know if the erection problems are randomly coming at the same time or what.


Thanx for your feed back appreciated!
Best regards and good nite… Time for bed at least in France :).

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I have suddenly developed a Blepharitis like in my right eye as well…Very sore, stingy and dry crusty build up on bottom eyelashes every 30 minutes or so have to wipe it off…Another shitty :upside_down_face: symptom to go with the other 20 I have.