Regarding Post Finasteride Sexual Side Effects and the use of Tribulus

A few days ago I ordered regular Tribulus Terrestris off of Amazon to take care of the sexual side effects of finasteride. I was very skeptical about the effects it would have on me but boy was I in for a surprise. I took one cap the day I got it. Basically I didn’t feel much of a change the first week and I literally just stopped taking it. Things got insane after that however. I went from barely being able to masturbate even just once at full power to being able to go multiple times in a day. The mind-dick connection was back and stronger than ever. The dopamine was flowing through my soul. It was phenomenal and I’ve never felt better. Everything that went wrong with my sexual health is completely back to normal, maybe even better than before and I attribute it to the Tribulus because I wasn’t taking anything else for it and trying Tribulus was my first attempt at even trying to solve the problem. I definitely recommend this to all because it sure as hell worked for me. For reference It’s been a year since the sexual problems started. (It started after taking Finasteride for a month or two). Also, the sexual side effects were the only problem that resulted from Finasteride use and nothing else


I’d be extremely careful with taking this. Users here crashed even harder after taking this stuff, amongst other similar DIY protocols. Doctors have warned about the risks of creating further damage from these treatments.

Use Google translate.

@pete damn you’re right I just read up about it causing crashes. Quite Naive of me to take it knowing so little about it. Guess I’ll have to prepare for a crash or some shit. It’s been quite a while though since I have stopped and it hasn’t necessarily been bad and I do hope it stays that way. Oh well, I’ll prepare for the worst. Another thing to mention is, the sexual sides are strictly sexual. I don’t think it has affected me mentally in any way or with anything physical either

Very happy to hear it and thank you for letting us know! :slight_smile:

How long ago was it you stopped and what brand/amount did you take? As closely as you remember if you can’t recall 100%.

Here’s hoping it all sticks for you there, sounds very promising! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you updated if anything shitty happens but so far there aren’t any red flags and most people that have taken Tribulus crashed after taking it right away. @jinstewart

Thanks for reporting succinctly @Jadoaly

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Can you describe the sexual symptoms you recovered from and what brand you were using. Like a link from Amazon?

@Burito101 I wasn’t seeing impotence or anything crazy like that but ejaculation wasn’t like it used to be. It was really weak and was slowly getting better. After I took Tribulus it changed and I’ve yet to crash like many others.

Ok, but what brand did you use?

@Burito101 @jinstewart

Also, as Pete said, be careful using this stuff.
People tend to react differently to Tribulus, some successful, some could potentially get worse. If you want a better in depth guide @Apr1989 posted one a while ago I reckon


When you say weak do you mean the feeling you got or like the force?

Did you experience a decrease in sensitivity as one of your symptoms?


I did indeed

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Would you say taking the tribulus helped increase sensitivity

Yes it definitely helped with the feeling, I also stopped having clear semen that was a plus.

Tribulus decreased sensitivity for me, but only during on cycles then it returns to baseline. I can’t say if my sensitivity has improved off it but it hasn’t worsened my sexual sides.

I want to add that overall tribulus has had a positive effect for me mentally and randomly gave me a few days of much improved, longer sleep. I used Mediherb brand. I’ll be cycling it again soon.

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Tribulus increases AR in the brain. Keep us updated as you take it because the most common effect is that it eventually wears off and then later eventually stops working altogether.

How goes the Tribulus experiment Jadoaly??