Reduction in heart rate when consuming caffeine

When I drink caffeine, my heart rate guess from the 80s down to about 65. It’s like it’s having an inverted response in my body, when my heart rate previously used to go up and it basically induced hypertension and a racing heart.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Anyone know the root cause of this or the mechanisms of why this might be happening?

Same here, i used to get extreme anxiety of just one cup of coffee, now i can consume huge amounts and i just feel relaxed. Same thing with nicotine, alcohol, i just don’t feel anything.

My theory is because the body is in constant fight or flight mode / being in a freeze like state so you don’t feel anything from that. Your body is simply overwhelmed and has therefore locked you in a frozen,relaxed mental state.

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This or the receptors that receive neurosteroids are not working/destroyed (I.e cortisol, serotonin, etc,)

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Strangely, after starting my diet, it now has the opposite effect similar to the night I went to a concert with very little sleep, and my heart rate wouldn’t reduce.

I got desperate for my caffeine and decided to drink some espresso. My heart rate spikes to the 110 range, and any minor movements brought me into the 120-130 range despite sitting down or walking around normally. It took about 6-7 hours before my heart rate started to decrease back to the 80-90 range.