Reducing inflammation

I was wondering if a lot of what we are dealing with are inflammation issues, would trying to reduce inflammation help with reducing some of the PFS symptoms we are dealing with? For example fixing gut issues, eating a completely healthy diet and living a holistic lifestyle. Wondering if you guys have tried these things and if it has helped you. thanks.

Do we even have inflammation?

All my labs have consistently shown low inflammation markers and I think that goes for most of us.

My gut test shows I have off the charts high gut inflammation

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A standard test for inflammation is C-reactive protein, and I’ve never tested high for that.

However, a lifestyle that lowers inflammation and stress is going to be good for you regardless of whether you have PFS or not.

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When you look at inflammation symptoms, we are dealing with very similar issues. I can only hypothesize that a foreign substance has entered our body and this is our body’s way of fighting against it.