Reduced Beard & Facial Hair



i noticed a decrease of beard thickness & density. My simple Question is, whats the reason for this. Adrenal gland, thyrid or lack of DHT. Im actually 5 months off and there is still no noticeable recovery after just 4 days of usage.

At the moment im trying to push my testosterone and increase my DHT via “Sorghum”. Are there any experience and improvements over time. I want to wait with the next drug and go the alternative self healing way. I eat brocoli since my stop with Fin to reduce estrogen and also take Boron.

What is the reason for this decrease and are there free supplements that might be help? What are your experience & maybe improvements over time?




hello there,
i have the same. 20days in fin and 50 now im off.
does your beard have any improvment?