Recovery with alcohol

Hey all,

So after crashing around October last year I suffered all of the classic sexual symptoms - low libido, ED, loss of sensitivity, hypospermia etc. I also suffered many physical changes such as clear bone loss, facial collagen and fat loss etc on top of weight gain and severely broken sleep due to high cortisol. The high cortisol was so bad it caused me too feel ‘wired’ most of the day, heart rate was constantly high.

I tried many supplements with little success until Christmas came along. By this point many of my sexual symptoms had subsided but the cortisol based ones remained. After several days of drinking which ended on NYE, I woke up on Xmas day with limp d*ck, all my sexual symptoms were back. However, over the next few days I noticed that ‘wired’ feeling had gone and my heart rate was lowering day by day. As my sexual symptoms subsided after about 2 weeks I was almost back to normal. Sleep was 80% back, bone loss slowed, weight melted off of me.

This recovery lasted until the end of February, until I went on a coffee binge for a couple of weeks which obviously chronically elevated my cortisol and I’ve been back at square one ever since.

I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since NYE but I’m considering attempting this approach again. Any thoughts would be welcome! Thanks guys.

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Good luck with your protocol hopefully it works again. High cortisol is horrible. You can take PS just search on here. Coffee seems to be an issue for some guys. Try infrared sauna, 20 min sessions. It’s lowers inflammation so might have a positive affect on your cortisol. Once you’re back stay healthy on the diet at least for 12 months and give your body chance to recover.

Thanks man I appreciate that. Infrared sauna is an interesting one I never considered that! The gym to go to has one so I’ll certainly give that a try.

A Dr said stay under 20mins sauna if you have hormone issues as it can create additional problems later on. Also try a float tank for ultimate stress release, worth the money. Keep a diary on how you feel after sauna and following days. See how you sleep afterwards. I sleep better the next day.

Great stuff I’ll make sure to do that! Thanks again. :+1:

You’re welcome. Near infrared sauna apparently has even more benefits.

Good luck

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I downed a six pack of Redds Apple Ale last night and woke up with a boner. It was a very sexual dream too, I’d like to think I wouldve jizzed if my alarm didnt wake me up.

checkout my posts ,seems to be similar?

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, spicy food and keep sugar to a min. Its the adrenal fatigue diet. Instead of sauna, try daily hot baths with gentle cardio exercise also. Take a T shot before you try these as it will reset your hormones and prevent endocrine crashes from happening.

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My doctor recommended a supplement called adrenomend that has been helping me with fatigue and adrenal symptoms. It’s important to mention that some of the ingredients are possible problems for some people though