Recovery Story using Testosterone Enanthate and Clomid + Nolvadex for Post-cycle Therapy

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Very interesting story. I wonder if other people here had any success trying to “reset” their testosterone. This user was not suffering from hypogonadism and had normal hormones levels. He gives more details on his protocol:

Test e is testosterone ethanate. It’s generally used only for men. I inject it into my delts twice a week via a needle with the dosages I mentioned. The weekly dosage totalling 500, so 250 each pin.

The test e shuts down your natural test production and your fertility and some other hormones.

After my cycle is complete, I waited 3 weeks for the test e to leave my body. And then I started pct post cycle therapy to kick start my hormones and natural production again.

I’m not sure why it is so effective but i feel better than before I even started zoloft. Feels weird suddenly having sensitivity and morning wood again.

It is very important you stay on top of blood work constantly as test e even though considered safe and a beginner cycle can have very severe side effects.


First of all good for the Reddit user to be able to get past his symptoms with hormones. Nobody should have to deal with these sorts of issues and seeing people recover is always great to see.

Second of all before I say my next point I want to get across that I personally have used all sorts of different protocols and was on TRT prior to my pfs crash and the symptoms of hypogonadism and pfs have a ton of overlap.

This community is stuck in a mass delusion because people cling to these types of “recoveries”. We need to seriously start to separate these sorts of recoveries from drug side effects to true psss/pfs/pas etc where people feel like crap while having a normal hormonal profile.

These recoveries are just People who had a messed up hormonal profile resulting from their finasteride/Ssri usage.

The symptoms of drug induced hypogonadism and pfs/pssd are generally very similar but the big difference is these people have a cure and the majority of us here don’t.

So many people cling to these stories as hope for years on end which makes no sense at all. Sometimes I wish these guys could just take the HCG for themselves and either cure themselves or see that it’s not effective.

Plain and simple the symptoms of drug induced hypogonadism and pfs are very similar and the ignorance surrounding these recoveries are doing nothing but muddying the waters.

People really need to wake up to this stuff before it’s too late for all of us.


So sad that people continue to misunderstand what PFS is. It isn’t hypogonadism. If you have low T and symptoms go away when T restored, that wasn’t PFS, it was hypogonadism.



My bad. I should have clarified that this person had normal testosterone levels, and was not dealing with hypogonadism.

Also… a cure story from someone suffering from PSSD/PFS/PAS is still a cure story.


What about his free testosterone? His shbg? His DHT? A total testosterone number doesn’t tell the full story at all. A guy can have good total testosterone but it’s pointless if his free testosterone is low.

A supraphysiological dose like this guy took would fix that problem. This sort of thing doesn’t work for guys with true pfs.

These are very basic things but our community continues to do the same things over and over.

This is why I sometimes wish every single pfs guy who brings up these recoveries would just try TRT themselves and see the truth.

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Whenever I hear a story of someone improving, I’m genuinely happy for them. But as we’ve said before, these stories also need some context and a comparison to one’s own symptoms. What have they recovered from? There’s a difference between someone who has experienced several physical changes and someone who may have experienced sexual dysfunction.

I’m not diminishing the effect’s of sexual dysfunction on someone’s life - as @Toughluck24 said on our podcast, if you don’t have a sex life, that’s still a big deal - but it is clearly not the same as a patient with more severe symptoms.

That also leads to another problem which Aksh has pointed out above - survivorship bias:

Too frequently this community has clung onto the small percentage of recovery stories, who in a lot of cases experienced less severe symptoms, and ignored the much larger cohort who have not recovered. Enormous sums of precious patient funds have been sadly wasted as a result. A cohesive effort towards scientific understanding has been nearly impossible. I completely understand why this happens, as our community has been largely ignored on every front.

But for the first time we have an opportunity to fund world-leading researchers who are genuinely interested in discovering the underlying mechanisms involved in this disease. Only through thorough scientific investigation will we be able to find scalable treatments that work for every patient, not just a small percentage. This is an amazing opportunity that may not come along again, and one which took years to cultivate.

I am also puzzled as to why those interested in self-experimentation/treatment are not more supportive of these efforts. Further understanding is only going to provide more accurate targets for those who wish to pursue their own treatments.

Again, these stories are great and I am genuinely happy for whoever posted this. I just ask patients to take an objective look at the bigger picture and how their precious personal funds can be allocated appropriately before wasting more years of their lives.


He had PSSD, everyone has different symptoms. Sad to see some users dismissing someone’s recovery story…

Reminds me of the doctors who don’t acknowledge PFS exists. “oh but this isn’t a PSSD recovery, he was hypogonadal…” Same dismissive (il)logic.

And of course not all recovery regimens will work for everyone. PFS, PSSD,… affects everyone differently hence some have sexual sides, others do not. Some have mental sides, others do not. Doesn’t make these patients “hypogonadal”, they still are PFS, PSSD victims.

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I think PSSD has more to do with serotonin and dopaminergic problems … they wouldn’t respond to a dopaminergic drug like wellbrutin, same like a PFS patient wouldn’t respond to androgens, that’s why most of the PSSD people wouldn’t have severe muscle dysfunction.

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Yeah, lots of people are still confused with this whole hypogonadism vs. PFS concept. It keeps coming up. Gfdmt, they are NOT mutually exclusive! Secondary hypo is a fairly common symptom of PFS, and we have various degrees of responsiveness to testosterone depending on how dysfunctional our ARs are (and in which tissues).

One guy might just get a little ED, others like me can have disabling fatigue, muscle wasting, severe brain fog, no libido, digestive problems, lowered body temp, etc. However, I can say that I am a PARTIAL responder to TRT. Precise dosing is key to maximizing its benefits, but so far I have not been able to restore myself back to anywhere near normality. Is someone here going to tell me that I don’t have true PFS because I still have this small amount of androgen response?


Renegade can you tell more about your regime and in which parts you are responding?


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Yes, I’ve made significant progress in my recovery since those posts. But you’ll have to DM me as it’s not a single, easy, or completely safe approach for everyone and the forum is very strict about anecdotes nowadays.

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I am exactly the same. Suffered almost every side effect possible and TRT has helped with some of the most extreme symptoms- not all though.

I think everybody knows that PFS is not hypogonadism, and frankly, I never expected TRT to help sexually or be any sort of miracle. I went on it out of desperation for debilitating muscle weakness/loss, fatigue and depression. Had I not self-experimented with it (under a doctor), I would likely be dead.

Yes, I still have PFS, and no, I was not hypogonadal


Has your muscle loss stopped? Can you gain muscle again?


Yes, I’m about 75% recovered in that respect. That was probably my most stubborn PFS symptom. After my next 1-2 androgen cycles, I expect that to be 100%.

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Come on, what did you do to stop the atrophy? He’s horrible