Recovery of penile fibrosis, is it possible?

I wanted to share an article about fibrosis. Which some people here have, and some people implies that the shrinkage etc. is just a bloodflow issue due to their experiences. And how we can increase NO- cGMP anyway?


Correcting, at least partially, the relative loss of SMCs occurring with ageing, diabetes, or cavernous nerve damage should be the target of therapy to prevent the ED associated with these conditions. Up-regulation of NO-cGMP pathway might have a role in preventing and reversing fibrosis in the tunica albuginea and in the corpora cavernosa. Therefore, long-term and continuous treatment with available PDE5-Is might be pharmacologically effective for partly reversing the underlying alterations in the corpora that lead to ED, thus potentially curing this disorder, as opposed to the current on-demand administration of these compounds for eliciting an erection. This chronic use of PDE5-Is could prevent or reverse endothelial dysfunction and possibly inhibit the atherosclerotic process. Furthermore, therapies aimed at blocking the TGF-β signalling pathway might be effective in ameliorating or preventing tunical fibrosis. This might open the door for the emergence of treatment for PD.

You have your answer in your text already: PDE5 Inhibitors like cialis or viagra (long term and continuous treatment). I would favour cialis because of the longer half life.

Yeah i use cialis already. But i don’t want to use it for years, you know… this is just masking the actual problem. I wanted to discuss the science with someone who understands the text. (Which i don’t understand that much.)

Do you really want take more drugs for years on end… If circulation is what helps, why not just wack it every few days…

Taurine reverses penile fibrosis.


Anyone care to guess what would be a good dose to take

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Late answer but I would suggest atleast 3g per day. I would even up it a little more, but it’s not supported in the litterature what I know of so do it on your own risk.