Recovery is possible

Hey guys,

Just wanted to make a post to say that I fully recovered from severe PFS over two years (feb 2019 - may 2021) using a certain well known recovery protocol that is often discussed here.

My full story is on another website under my user name ”xxaleksi”. I am a 21 year old male from Finland.

Please don’t give up hope, I was really really messed up and I recovered. Could barely leave the house for almost a year post crash. I believe I am the youngest person to ever recover from severe PFS. I had just turned 18 when I crashed and now I’m 21.

Here’s my recovery post from another site:

”Alright fellas, gonna make a longer post this time now that I have more time.

I took 1.25mg of finasteride for three days in August 2018 and stopped after sexual side effects started to occur. For the next two months or so, I had horrible depression, numb genitals, crying spells, couldn’t sleep, hot flashes. I had heard of someone mentioning PFS before, but of course, I didn’t expect it to happen to me. Like an idiot I took the drug anyway due to vanity. I didn’t understand PFS meant much more than just long-term sexual dysfunction.

I didn’t completely crash until November 5th 2018. All of a sudden I could no longer sleep longer than an hour a night. I had brain fog to the point I couldn’t understand conversations, would slur my speech, couldn’t look anyone in the eye, couldn’t even have a conversation with my friends or family without going into constant panic. I had terrible vertigo, when I would lay in bed and close my eyes I felt like I was falling through the bed or like my body was spinning in circles. I had constant burning in my legs and genital area. Couldn’t look at screens without intense head pressure. Couldn’t cross a street or even go into places like public stores without panic attacks. Stress intolerance. Short term memory loss, no motivation in life at all, depression, dick and balls shrunk, no libido, ed, watery sperm, lost 10kg, dry skin, sunken eyes, rubbery skin, weird textured dry hair, no morning wood, prostate pain, you name it. I was so fucked up I don’t even remember all my symptoms. I could barely leave the house, and couldn’t work at all for the first 10 months post-crash.

I started CD’s protocol in February 2019. I did a one week juice feast and applied 100% of the regimen. Little by little my health would come back. It took about a year until I could sleep more than six hours again. At that point my healing accelerated and life became livable again. By March 2021 I was mostly recovered and started eating cheat meals every once in a while. But during my recovery I never cheated once. By May 2021 I was fully recovered.

It’s now May 2022 and not only are all of my PFS symptoms gone, but I’m actually in better health than before finasteride. I’m in better shape, look much better, more confident, and generally feel amazing everyday. I also did a 14-day water fast at home due to mold exposure in September 2021 and felt even better after. I’m turning 22 in a couple months and feel like I’ve went through something very, very few if anyone my age has went through.

In 2018 I thought my life was over due to a stupid mistake I made, now in 2022 I realize PFS was the biggest blessing of my life and I actually had the best years of my life so far during recovery. Learnt so much about myself.

I was a bad case of PFS, and I recovered. I did it, you can too.”


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