Recovery: Gym, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine Regimen

@adaname222 how is your diet looking like my friend

I’m 3 days on this. So far nothing, but continuing 3x a day, and looking forward to something before I run out of pills…

Hopefully it does do wonders for you… Thinking of giving this a go if my symptoms stay for 9 more weeks. He did say it would take around 6 days to reap the benefits

Todays my 5th day on it.
No difference.

How’s the diet looking like. Hopefully @adaname222 comes back with positive news and a bit more information about how he went about it such as gym regimen. I like all of us are probably resigned to looking at a long road to recovery but if this does work then would be amazing

My diets has always been good, even before i got sick.
I barely eat junk in small quantities once a week.
I also take 50 mg ultimate nutrition whey for protein.

I exercise damn hard.
Lets see, on the basis of these 5 days this is going to be just another red herring but we cant give any conclusions yet.
The one thing that does lessen my hope is, that an endo did prescribe me something in 2017 thinking i just had ED and it was most probably arginine. I took it for 1 month and it had no effect at all then.

That’s a shame. Well to be fair you’ve been on it for 5 days thus far he did say it was after 6 the switch flicked so there is still time. But he does put a lot of focus on sexual sides so maybe this will take care of that aspect. Would that be enough for you

I think if libido starts restoring, other things will start falling into place by themselves. So yeah, it would be enough

PAS, Are you taking the carnitine or just the arginine?


If you have access to weights, do them before sunrise. I saw major benefits from that, I just haven’t been able to do it for a while because I was living somewhere were the only gym close enough didn’t open before sunrise, and now I am somewhere it would be, the gyms have shut down. It is supposed to release cortisol, I believe. I would get up at 5.30, feeling like shit, force my way through the lifting, but feel really energised by the end. Maybe if I had been doing that along with these aminos, it would have made an even more massive difference.

Hey guys, unfortunately I had to restart my cycle again around 6 days ago because I went for a relatively long walk. It seems as though the no cardio element is relative to the amount of cardio you have been doing during the cycle. For instance, I have been quarantined at home and not doing much walking, therefore that’s why a seemingly short walk interupted my cycle.

I am going to ensure I do absolutely no cardio on this cycle and update my progress here.

@PAS how is the regimen working for you now. Do you have access to good weights and are no limiting cardio activity?

When your cycle gets “interrupted”, do you go back to baseline PFS or have you notice an overall improvement?

When it gets interupted, I maintain feeling in my penis for ~2 more days but penis size decreases. I know the cycle is restarting because it takes the same number of days to return to where I was. For example, once the cycle restarts, it always takes 7-8 days before I can masturbate again. The cycle has restarted for me at least 4-5 times and so I am building an understanding of what exactly is needed for it to work

So far, after about a week, with no change in diet, I’ve gained 10 pounds, all seemingly around my now bloated belly (191 to 201lbs-I’m 5’11). No other changes. I run out of pills in about 2 days, and if nothing happens, that’s the end of my trial.

I will note that at the third day, I did notice my face was oily again, but that was only that one morning and hasn’t been repeated since.

I would say its not working for me. So far I have seen no improvements in feelings.

I do bodyweight here at home. I dont do cardio.

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Hi - Is it 6000mg (2000mg x 3 times) of L-Carnitine & L-Arginine?

Yes that’s it, 6000mg of each split into three doses.

I learned recently that it is very important to buy the pills from a reputable health store. I bought the very same brand of l-arginine and l-carnitine, one set from a reputable heath store and the other set from an online discount store. Although they were both the same brand, the pills from the online store had no effect. As such, I dont think the specific brand matters as much as buying the pills from a reputable health store.

I am now 14 days into the newest cycle and it feels as though everything is back to normal. I contacted several doctors aware of PFS (I found their emails on the PFS foundation webpage). I explained my situation and they said they a permament cure is possible due to the neuroplasticity of cells. In other words, if your body functions normally while on the regimen it might eventually fix itself permanently.


Just tell us the brand you bought.

I bought the brand solgar from a health store in Dublin. They are working very well. I also bought solgar from an online store called and they didn’t work. That’s why its important to buy from a reputable store

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