Recovered from brain fog/mental side effects?

Have anyone recovered from their mental side effects (such as brain fog, derealization, fatigue, anxiety, depression) within months after quitting finasteride?

Please write your experiences, many of us newbies are looking for information and eventually hope.

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yeah recovered brainfog, depression and anxiety, except fatigue is still killin. But perhaps cause my diet or lack of sports since february, who knows


are you feel better bro ? I have seem trouble.

I am fully recovered. Nothing is left. It took me 3 months for the brain fog, and around a year for the rest of the mental sides to subside.

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thank you,now Im still like a fool,it effects my

Thanks for coming back. Any advice on you cleared it all?

My best solution was to start working again and engaging in daily life, even though it could be very difficult mentally speaking. Push yourself out there, to work and socialize. It will most likely help you to become what you once were.

After a sunny vacation to the south with lots of sun exposure, I felt very good both physically and mentally.

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It seems that I don’t have the good luck of Mario 1234​:rofl: :rofl: