Recovered after 2 long horrible torturous years!


Here’s the exact kind the OP was taking.


As I said, there’s a weird way it’s labeled, that I will now add that borders on the deceptive. Hardly anywhere can you find a photo of the back of the container.

Attached is a link to the Australian Government Department of Health declaration on the product, and a photo of the relevant amount of actual mg, which is 120mg, and not 6000 mg. I’m taking pills with more actual mg already, that contain beyond the “equivalent” of deceptive Caruso’s.

Here’s the link:


So, after a couple of weeks on Gingo and vitamin D, along with amino acids, the nighttime elections have stopped and I’m hardly sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. Mental function and memory seems to have improved a bit, and my skins seems drier and I’m more thirsty, but that’s about all I have to report.

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Curedfinally how are you going?


I’m calling BS on this. The guys actual username is “CuredFinally” which means he didn’t start posting until he was cured. Who does that? Also, who goes completely dark after announcing they are cured from PFS? I get it, you might not post as much but you would still come back and check on your thread. IMO this is just another guy who felt good for a bit and then got ahead of himself and thought he was cured. Or he makes money selling the product he advertised.


I think the above skepticism has some truth to it. We want to believe the recovery story and implement identical strategies but it does seem strange due to the above points made. I think a “couple months” is a bit premature to announce a full recovery. That may very well change in another couple months. If possible, could you please just provide an update every so often even if it something like “just checking in. Still feel good as pre-fin state”


I am still going to test the OP’s protocol with the exact pills he took and the exact dosage. I want to leave no stone un-turned but will probably end up being more wasted time, and money.

People who post “cures” on a forum full of sick people and then don’t follow up are, IMO, a special type of horrible person.


I also just bought it via Amazon… its $44 for Ginko Biloba from Australia… Can get Ginko Biloba for $10 at CVS. But like you said “Leave no stone unturned.” It helps with peace of mind a bit. I’d rather take the 6000 mg of dried stuff if it worked for him.

I will post my results in a month. As a small note: My PFS is not “severe.” My brain works fine and I still have plenty of energy throughout the day. I have ED from this drug that has not subsided even a year later. I used to be a horn dog. Like have to leave work sometimes to ejaculate… yeah. So I’ll give this a go.


Good luck with your endeavours.

If we can write up everything, even if we don’t find something that works, at least we won’t keep trying the same things over and over!


I’ve bought some as well, it isn’t the brand the OP recommends but is still 6000mg of the dried leaf. I’ll report back with how it goes.


No the creator was not taking 12000 mg lol that would mean 2 entire bottles, there are no pills of 6mg nobody could take them. It was some crazy marketing thing, he was taking 500mg for sure.


I have just popped 2 pills of Gingko just in case, I dont think it will be so damaging, worth a try for a week.


Any updates?