Recent Labs - Please advise for possible hormone treatment


“Urine testing is the one type of hormone testing that allows practitioners to assess how the body is metabolizing hormones”

So what I’m trying to find out in regards to urine hormones is high T and DHT in the urine means what? in terms of how out bodies are metabolizing hormones…

I read that high epi-testosterone in the urine is an indication that someone is on testosterone injections in the world of sport doping tests…

So when us PFS guys have high testosterone and epi-testosterone in the urine what does this mean ?

Epitestosterone isn’t elevated when you inject T.

Generally the ratio between T and ET is 1:1. When you inject T it will skewed to like 10:1.

That’s how they check for doping. Natural athletes who isn’t injecting anything usually have like 3:1 ratio. That’s one of the reason why they are better athletes than the average person.

Also when taking about piss tests this is a interesting read.

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Ok your right I misspoke on how exactly Epitestosterone is used in the context of doping tests . It does not rise with administrative of exogenous testosterone which is how they use it as a doping test . So if testosterone is high and epi testosterone is not this usually means you are injecting testosterone. And I’m assuming that if you are producing extra high amounts of testosterone naturally then you could expect to also see naturally high levels of epi testosterone because now we are not talking about exogenous testosterone.

“It has been shown that exogenous administration of testosterone does not affect levels of epitestosterone in the body. As a result, tests to determine the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in urine are used to find athletes who are doping

But more importantly for the sake of what we are taking about here with the high epitestosterone we are seeing in the urine of PFS people I think this is what’s relevant:

“Epitestosterone, or isotestosterone, also known as 17α-testosterone or as androst-4-en-17α-ol-3-one, is an endogenous steroid and an epimer of the androgen sex hormone testosterone. It is a weak competitive antagonist of the androgen receptor (AR) and a potent 5α-reductase inhibitor.”

So I still question if we should be seeing high amounts of testosterone and epi testosterone in the urine of PFS patients. Especially if the same person is not high in blood total testosterone. And in one of the bunch we currently have the ZRT test results for one guy has normal urine testosterone and high urine epi testosterone which is the most odd of them all

The others are high in both . Both urine testosterone and urine epi testosterone.

So if urine hormones are representing how the body metabolizes androgens I think this should be looked at more closely in general

I also think we need non PFS guys to have the ZRT test so we can see if they have high urine epi testosterone. This way we will have a better idea as to if this high epi testosterone is exclusive to PFS people. And to see if just high androgens are normal in the urine of non PFS people and Allopregnanolone. Because we are also seeing high Allopregnanolone in 5 out of 5 people who all got PFS from Fin or Saw P

The other thing in 5 out of 5 all have low urine glutamate. I’m waiting on two more peoples results and this will be 7 people tested. 8 if we count Ronnie99 who’s post accutane syndrome

What do you do by the way. You sound knowledge. Are you just an internet PFS junkie like me ?