Reasons to fight for

In this thread, I’d like to talk about the good things that we have left and for which it is worthwhile to keep fighting.

I’d like to start with mine:

He is a kitten who was dying under my house last month. I picked it up from the street. He was very ill: his eyes were closed from an infection, he was full of parasites, on the hair, in the intestine and in the ears. He had fever. I washed it, took it to the vet and started giving it antibiotic therapy. Improve day by day.
Now play, run and eat. It’s great to see his happiness.
I have decided that, even if my life is bad, I want to be able to help this creature.
Now he always stays with me and only sleeps on me.


You’re a good person, man! That kitty obviously loves you and feels an incredible bond with you forever now. My cat has also made this ordeal so much better. She’s so fun to be lazy around the house with, even if she’s clawing me at 4 AM because she wants to be scratched haha. Wishing you two luck with everything up ahead!


2 year old son and a little girl that will be born in a few months. Plus the progress I’ve made in 13 years…getting close.


Short update:
the cat continues to grow.

He always wants to play. Here he is while he is taking a nap.


New update, I decided to start playing again. Here is my gaming computer, which I assembled when I was still working and could afford to buy the pieces. Here are the specifications, for geeks :nerd_face: :
. Motherboard: MSI Z170a Gaming Pro Carbon
. CPU: Intel i7 6700k
. Cooler: Cooler Master TX3 evo
. RAM: 2x8gb Ballistix Sport 3000mhz cl15
. GPU: Palit Dual GTX 1070 8gb
. PSU: Aerocool Lux RGB 650W
. SSD1: m2 Kingston 240gb
. SSD2: Sata 2,5" Crucial MX500 525gb
. HDD: Seagate SSHD 1tb
. CASE: iTek Nooxes 10
. Mouse: Logitech g9 gaming
. Keyboard: Logitech G510


i have no idea what all this info means but it looks cool and glad ur back playing

TOP! Il processore è overcloccato?


Anche io ho due gattini :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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No, il processore non l’ho ancora overclockato, anche perché non ne ho avuto bisogno.
Credo che prima di overclockarlo, procederò al delid :grin:

More cat pictures, please.

That computer looks terrifying! What do you play on it?

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I like play on Insurgency, Arma III, or GTA V Online.

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Hugging pets releases oxytocin. My male cat loved being cuddled and hugged, our females cats don’t like it.


Man that looks like a sick computer! You getting ready for classic World of Warcraft in 4 days? :smiley:

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Bro I am gaming and PC maniac too :smile:
Also playing GTA 5 online :slight_smile:
Nice PC you got tho
Here is my setup