Reading books again

Hey guys,
before pfs i really loved to read.
I have pfs since march 2018. So now over 1 year but i still cant enter the story of the book.
Can i have hope that this still improves?
I just want my “academic” lifestyle back.


I used to love movies. Simple enough guy I guess. My ability to at least “functionally enjoy” movies came back about May-time and keeps on very slowly improving. Music too (those little shivers you get from a REALLY good song came back a few months ago also.)

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What trouble do you have exactly with reading? It’s harder for me too, but thats because my vision. If I listen to an audio book I’m fine.

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I can read again, it took me over a year and I had to really limit sex and masturbation. But my hearing and sound sensitivity is still horrible.

I can attest to this. When I did NoFap my mind was much clearer and reading comprehension was better but I had zero libido. Right now i feel like my IQ has dipped 30%

And my libido is as good as it gets. What a surreal condition this is.