Reaction to PFS denialism


Every now and then I find myself in a masochistic mood and I go on Reddit’s tressless forum. Inevitably, some poor uninitiated soul asks about the risks of finasteride and some experienced user, in fact a majority of users, proceed to deny the existence of PFS, sounding very objective and scientific. I used to get really riled up about this before but lately I find myself taking it very calmly. I think this is a good sign - I am reaching acceptance.

How do you guys react to denialsim and do you see an evolution in your reaction?

If someone doesn’t know what I am talking about, you can check out the thread I saw today, also my answer there (I am ngc800).



this guy [Apophydie] is active almost exclusively in a threads about hair loss and fin. And I would say he is promoting Fin and encouraging people to buy it. would a normal person do that voluntarily ? When I see such denials as his, I have only one desire to punch him in the face. Even if you show him scientifically proven PFS, he will still deny it. Its just this type of people …



Makes you wonder if Merck has paid agents. We know they do on Wikipedia so why not on Reddit too.



Absolutely possible. There are whole agencies that do such dirty job. They will do whatever client will desire. For example in Russia, such agencies with army of ‘‘trolls’’ will spam political opposition sites and youtube in order to ruin their reputation with fake claims. They getting paid for that. And from such agency you can order anything you want.



This guy had people flooding the comments section on on his video of guys who got ruined from this stuff and he disabled the comments. Think of how many men can be saved if that comment section was enabled. There’s PFS videos that don’t have nearly the amount of views that this one has promoting the drug!

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@AaronF Looks like an infomercial. I wonder if he got paid. Particularly suspicious is the fact he knew about hair transplants but not about fin. Looks like a plot to convince us he has no ties with pharma. Were the comments from people who had started fin after seeing his video in particular?

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It was mostly with other guys warning others not to take it after they got a slew of side effects from it, and others in the comment section saying PFS isn’t real and it’s safe to take.

From what I know there was more PFS videos that had got taken down for unknown reasons, I’m assuming Merck had something to do with this?

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Yeah, you bet Merck payrolls the denial and positive testimonies while silencing the victims of its drugs or products like any good multinational. As for Reddit, it is an astroturfed playground for political and corporate powers. I too took fin because of the overwhelming denial of PFS in every single thread about it. Even its creators wish they hadn’t created such a cursed website. Fuck reddit. I think there was a similar kind of denialism on the hairlosstalk forums as well.