Rapidly shrinking testicles

My testicles are shrinking at an alarming rate. My left one isn’t much bigger than a grape right now and both are extremely soft and squishy in texture. I don’t currently react well to an increase in androgens but I’m very worried about this and don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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My albuginea is totally disappeard.

Sorry to hear that man. Have you had an ultrasound?

Mine fluctuate, sometimes they are as small as you say and sometimes they are the size of an egg. Usually much bigger in the morning


Please, can anyone advise me? My testicles are constantly in pain and losing size. Increasing androgens seems to make everything worse so I have no idea how to combat this. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m sorry to hear that @SkinDiesel. Unfortunately, as you likely know, we have a severe shortage of things that make things better and a dispiritingly large list of things that make things worse.

In absense of anyone offering you a solution, one thing this has taught me is that things in that area are extremely changeable, more than you’d think possible.

As @Lostinaustin says, day to day can be a completely different picture. I have had the pain too, which has come and gone, then come and gone again. I’ve even been and had an ultrasound done and nothing was found. I was certain something would show.

You should go and get yourself checked out, if only so you can worry about it a little less.

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Thanks as per @Greek. I know I’m being a bit desperate, it’s just a concerning symptom. I’ll see if I can get a doctors appointment sorted asap.

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