Random questions about the Prostate

I’m not sure if the pain that I feel when things get pretty bad is due to pelvic floor or to the prostate or whatever, but it is quite unpleasant, like a dull ache, and I was wondering is that something that without variation we all feel?

Do we all have weaker urine streams too?

During temporary recoveries do all of us have a noticeable difference in urine streams?

I’m also just looking for a connection between my hypothyroid symptoms and the prostate angle and the lowered metabolism and shrunken testes…but the key is always why do all of the symptoms always return after a temporary recovery

Oh and when you all pee, does everyone get two streams?

A lot of the time, when I pee, I have stream going out stronger, and a second stream slowly drizzling out

This is especially during the times when I am feel extremely flaccid

I would hope more people can relate to any of these prostate related symptoms, or maybe they are bladder or urethra symptoms

I am wondering if this indicates the prostate is larger and blocking things, or if it is too small and can’t generate enough force?

I can’t remember where I heard it but i think there was a theory that the sides are the result of your body not allowing too much testosterone or dht because it doesn’t want the prostate to grow out of control…not sure at all if that has any basis in reality though

My urine Stream has been poor since I crashed. To answer your questions,

  1. Yes, it does seem to improve when I see overall sexual improvement! there is a connection.
  2. Two stream urine flow is not signficant - its quite simple because poorer the flow, the stream will have divergence naturally.
  3. I have NO, absolutely No pain in the prostate. There is no tingling sensation for 5 years when I have an orgasm or when passing urine.

I am hoping when I meet my Urologist, he can tell me if there is asymptomatic (have i spelled it right?) or any other prostate issues. I just hope the swelling is compressing the nerves that cause all my numbeness, low ejaculate and ED issues


I’m still waiting for my insurance to kick in soon, but i was planning on seeing a urologist ASAP. I especially want my questions answered about dark watery ejaculate and what it means

Mark, do you have an appointment coming up soon? what are you going to ask about?

I have an appointment with a Urologist on the 17th of this month. As a layman with limited knowledge of reasons behind my problems I never focused on the prostate earlier. The only time prostate connection was discussed by my specialist was before starting the hormone therapy. They did a ultrasound of the prostate and testicles to elimiate any problem there. The US just said prostate was of normal size. This was in 2008. No variocele detected in the testes.

I got this appointment because the endocrinilogist said my urinary problem seems ‘prostatic’ hence he wrote me down a referral for the Uro. I have major urine flow issues consistently for 5 years. I can’t put pressure on my bladder then way I used to for 25 years when i wanted the thrust for outflow. I lot the ability. The stream is weak. My semen volume is very low. I feel it lacks prostatic volume. I don’t have ANY pain in the prostate or near by. Maybe thats why i never focussed on it till now.

Here is my checklist of requests for the Uro.

  1. Physical examination of the Prostate to identify any abnormality (if shrunk or swollen)
  2. Need to get PSA tested via blood or what ever for asymptomatic prostitis
  3. TRUS and MRI for better identification of any cysts or cancer
  4. Bacterial examination of prostatic fluid
  5. Need to look for bladder neck or pathway blockages that could be causing the poor urine flow or low ejaculate
  6. Is the prostate compressing any nerves that is causing my ED or low bloodflow? I have no morning erections or erotic dreams in the night. My endo said my hormones are fine. I have a low Serum T but above hypogonadal levels (around 320 ng) but mid- of the range bio-available Testosterone.

Does that answer your question?


it does answer my questions thanks

i hope you post back after you’ve had your visit, i feel i have a lot of symptoms similar to yours and i always wonder if the prostate is the key to this whole mess

I’m more or less in the same boat.
I have no ED or sexual problems (I’ve noticed less libido), but the real problem is that I have a cronic prostatitis (7 years). My stream is very weak and I have too pee very often.
One month after quitting (7 years ago), I begun to see my urinary flow decrease, and I was going to piss more often (about 5 times in a day). The problem getted worse for about 1 year and after that It had been stebilized. I pee every 2-3 hours and I have a very low flow (10 ml/s peek), also low “power” of ejaculation.
I have some pain in the ass and sometimes testicular.

The problem was diagnosed as cronic non bacterial prostatisis (CPPS) and I was threated with antibiotics with no success.
I’ve done tons of exams, but all seems OK.

All doctors say that there is no evidence that fin could be the cause, someone says that maybe I had a prostatisis masked by Fin.

In these years I’ve tried all the imaginable… from naturopathy, omeopathy, acupuncture, drastc diets, benzodiazepines… all useless…

Prostate dimensions are ok, but there is inflammation in the area. I can see my faeces has mucus in it…
The doctors have found trigger points inside my ass, probably caused by these years of pain and says that pudendal nerve is involved in that.
I have sovrapubic pain, that is probably caused by bladder that has to push very hard to put out urine.
Urodinamic invasive exam says that there is no problem at the bladder, but there is an uretral spasm that bloks urine flow. I’ve taken benzodiazepines to mitigate that problem, but it hasn’t worked.
I think that this uretral spasms, makes urine go inside prostate making prostate inflammation. It’s a vicious circle…

Keep us updated.

You should really try chinese herbs!!

which chinese herbs are you talking about? and what has been your experience with them?