R/cfs - CFS caused by an ssri

This is probably not a news however it’s just incredible how many people with chronic fatigue syndrome got prescribed ssri before get sick.

There’s also been quite a few that took Finasteride or Accutane that frequent the CFS forums. Mario V comes to mind as far as a past Fin user.
To me the CFS forums are a whole nother level of rabbit holes I just cant deal with personally. I think on a whole mental decline could be involved in some of this as well as people search for answers.

As far as my thoughts on CFS, there’s a number of studies looking at this possible aspect of it.

The Role of Microbiota and Intestinal Permeability in the Pathophysiology of Autoimmune and Neuroimmune Processes with an Emphasis on Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1 Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head

Open-label pilot for treatment targeting gut dysbiosis in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: neuropsychological symptoms and sex comparisons

I see more the microbiome dysregulation as a consequence and not a cause,endocrine system is inherently complex and strictly linked to the immune system.
So like a domino effect if we lack synthesis of some key steroid all the possible system will possible “fall” or shut down.
I don’t know if i get the idea.

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