Quick recovery = HCG

doctor prescribed me .4ml of hcg x 3 times per week and it restored my ability to have sex once or twice a day with no viagra… With a full fat throbbing erection. Restored night boners and some libido too. Increased happiness and social confidence. The effects were noticed about 10 days into therapy.

Background- used propecia two years. Ruined sex drive, boners, sleep… Everything. Nothing worked ten years after. Testosterone consistently returns in the lower end. Doc has since added 100mg of testosterone a week - libido and boners declined. Much better on hcg alone despite my testosterone levels being over top of the range. Hcg puts me only in mid range!!

Still working on all this with my doctor. Will go back to hcg alone if I can’t get testosterone to help. Please heed my advice. I’m a non responder who was not one of these lucky pricks who just got better over time. Nothing … I repeat nothing worked for ten years!!!

Get on the hcg alone and try it


Thanks for this. Do you have to inject the HCG? It would be useful to know how long you have been taking it, and how long it has been working - i.e. days, weeks or months? And if it is working, why your doc then added testosterone? I’m just asking as finding something which works long term appears to be a real challenge for people with PFS. Delighted you have seen progress though, and long may it continue.

I inject the hcg three times a week

Been on hcg and testosterone 12 weeks now

As I mentioned in post above, hcg kicked in first week and would cycle in waves. First ten days, horny with huge erections. Second ten days or so back to baseline. Next ten days, Hornier with huge erections It continued in that oscillating fashion until week six, when testosterone was added

Hcg brought my t level to mid range. Doc wants patients in high normal range.
So testosterone was added.

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Tumble, dude that’s great news…I know you’ve been tenaciously experimenting. That teeth grinding feeling is what we’re looking for…is libido still weak? Are you still suggesting using HCG alone or should we also start busting the Test in conjunction? Anyway man I’m glad that after your struggle you’re getting some of that feeling back. Keep at it fighter!

That’s great! So is all you have to do is take it for life or can you stop at some point and keep the gains? How does TRT work? Do you think results will fade?

Hey brother. Great to see you still around!

Doing my best. Yes, you hit the nail on the HEAD == teeth grinding feeling is what we’re looking for. Yes, some of it came back. It really came back. When my dick was super hard, I just wanted to RAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM a chick. So yes… llol there’s your answer :wink:) Also, I would add we’re looking for those FULL erections. I hadn’t had one in years, so I had almost forgot just how thick my dick could get.

Libido is still weak on the Test and HCG, yes. Have to book another follow up, but been busy with work and summer vacation.

I would suggest going on the HCG alone. HCG monotherapy. Try it for at least 12 weeks. See how it feels. I’m still trying to figure all this out myself. Will go back over JQD’s old posts, as he was on HCG + T + thyroid and something else. Him and MCI both attested to the benefit of HCG. Just get on it man. Whatever else helps, HCG will definitely help BIG as well!

TRT is usually for life. HCG will keep the balls working. External Testosterone causes the balls to shutdown. So used in conjunction, theoritically, it would be possible to cycle on and off TRT.

But that’s not really the point. Guys on TRT need it because their bodies do not produce normal levels of Testosterone.

You could try HCG alone for several months, then stop, and see if the body continues making healthy levels of testosterone. This is called a restart. This is what bodybuilders do after lengthy steroid use.

The results, will they fade? I have no idea. ’

I will likely be on this for the rest of my life as my Testosterone was low for over 10 years.

Just try it man.

Glad HCG is working for you. It never had any effect on me, unfortunately.

How are you diluting the HCG? .4 ml doesn’t tell us how much HCG you’re injecting.

Did it solve your sleep issues?

hcg used to work great for me. Sadly not anymore


How long did it work for you? Did you do just HCG the way Tumble is suggesting? Anyway guys…here is my latest, going to do a bone broth fast followed by Carb backloading regiment. I had hung some pretty high hopes on my latest attempt which involved antibiotics for ass parasites, but alas I saw no improvements.

When I saw Tumble post Quick Recovery = HCG I was naturally intrigued. I would kill for even a brief reminder of who I use to be. I already have needles from a testosterone suspension protocol that I never attempted, but bought. I’ll keep checking in to see how long it holds for ma’ boy Tumble. Good day gents, keep the fighting.

10 ML vial = 10,000 USP units/vial.

So that means I take 400 USP units x 3 times a week.

Sleep is definitely better now. My sleep habits are rather shit as I work at night and eat usually before I sleep, which doesn’t help. But yes. Prior to this, I would wake 8-12 times a night. Now its “only” 4-5 times a night.

Bloodwork is back.

On HCG alone, erections were fuller, fatter, and more teeth grinding urge to fuck. My estrogen on HCG was 82 pmol/L.

When Testosterone was added to HCG, erections waned, wern’t as hard, or as often, urge faded etc. My estrogen on Testosterone doubled (173 pmol/L).

My conclusion is that estrogen is too high. Obviously I feel better with lower estrogen.

I will add Arimidex to control and see how i feel.

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What would happen if you were to go back to just the HCG alone? Is that a bad thing or does it have to be used in conjunction?

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Tumbleweeds, from what you have written, it seems possible that TRT alone might have worked and only didn’t because of elevated estrogen. Perhaps you might have considered trying TRT + Aramidex, rather than taking all 3.

Did you ever get your E tested while on TRT alone?

@tumbleweeds How are you doing now? Did you continue with HCG or other therapies mentioned here?

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Woah, @tumbleweeds so you had PFS and non working penis for 10 years and then HCG gave back your full pre-pfs like erections back? Your penis size recovered? Did your orgasms and semen volume came back to normal too? Details would be good to hear.


It’s a thread of 4 years ago…


Anyone knows what the update with tumbleweeds is?