quick poll- guys, has everybody recovered at least 50-60%,

I want to know how many people have recovered at least 50-60% and in what time frame. Please let me know your recovery percent. All of you, do reply

Is there someone?

Try to build a survey, im suffering for 20 months.
Didnt recoverd 50%. Even not 25%.

I’ve only got wirse

Recovered for about 75%, 10 weeks off.(note: had mainly physical symptoms)

Mentally (mental clarity and omnidirectional thinking) when I have a good streak I would say I’m recovered about 60-65%.

Sexually, libido still quite dodgy, there are days when I can feel like jerking off 3 times a day and then there can be 3-4 days where I feel no incentive whatsoever.

Penile sensitivity about 50-60% of normal. Morning wood present about 60% of the time.

Significant structural changes on penis which have only mildly improved (veins visible which weren’t there before, discolorations on foreskin, narrowing in middle of shaft, also strange “empty glans” erections - these have gotten rarer recently though).

Most of the improvements came in the last 2 years from cycling supplements. First 2 years of PFS there were no spontaneous improvements whatsoever.