Quick help pls with microbiome testing?


At some point there were many threads about people testing their bowels, and getting a sense of what are the problems there…
If I recall there were some companies recommended that give a very thorough analysis.
Can someone please send me a link or let me know which are these companies?

I am going to see a Gastro in 2 days, and I need to ask him for a comprehensive test. So if there are companies that are better than others I would really like to know.

Also I am not sure whether a Gastro usually orders a detailed microbiome tests such as the ones are available today. Perhaps they just go with the standard stool test. Any experience with how to deal with these Drs, what to tell them to convince them to order a more sophisticated test…

PS: been dealing with green diharrea for 3 months, so he will take my case seriously I think.
PS2: MY PFS (5 years ago) coincided with stomach pain that lasted about 2 months until I have taken probiotics. But Probiotics only resolved the stomach pain, not the other symptoms…


Version A works very well, it cured all my gut issues… had chronic diarrhea as well

As far as testing… ubiome.Com is pretty good