Questions about your symptoms

Do you have days when you have no PFS symptoms and everything seems to be back to normal?

As time has gone by (months/years) have you seen some improvement in the PFS symptoms? If yes, which symptoms improved and which didn’t?


I know this is an old thread but no one has responded and I figured the OP might have a use for my input since he is a physician

I would say that the windows I had where I had days of feeling normal were more frequent when the condition first started but the lows were a lot worse. After a decade of being sick I would say I’m more stable with less ups and downs but I feel like my baseline has improved…if that makes any sense.

Symptoms that have gotten better:
Sexual performance, sleep, and mood have improved

Symptoms that have gotten worse: food allergies food allergies food allergies
I don’t know if I’ve just gotten better at noticing the food allergies or they have gotten worse. The only thing I can really eat without problems is meat